Theatre 360 (section 3): Mysterious Tales of the Yokai

Instructor: Professor David Furumoto
Dates/Times: MW 11:00-12:45
Modality: Synchronous Online Only
Description: In this class we will be exploring the world of “yokai”, Japanese monsters or other worldly creatures. (Please note this does not include ghosts) We will be working collaboratively as a class to explore what the traditional form and stories of these creatures are  and to figure out how we would adapt the stories for dramatic presentation on the stage. We will aim for an end of the semester presentation, most likely via online posting. Like any country, Japan has a rich folklore tradition of strange, spooky creatures and they still are a major part of the Japanese world as well as places where Japanese immigrants settled. (Hawaii is a good example of this and is where Prof. Furumoto is from)