Production Archives

Sonnets for an Old Century4/15-4/252021Ronald E. Mitchell Theatre / Vilas
White Rabbit, Red Rabbit
2/18-3/62021Ronald E. Mitchell Theatre / Vilas
Julius Caesar2/27-3/82020Ronald E. Mitchell Theatre / Vilas
Clybourne Park11/14-11/242019Ronald E. Mitchell Theatre / Vilas
Evil Dead the Musical8/15-8/25, 9/12-9/292019Ronald E. Mitchell Theatre / Vilas
The 39 Steps (Second Stage)4/25-4/282019Ronald E. Mitchell Theatre / Vilas
Twilight Bowl4/11 - 4/282019Gilbert V. Hemsley Theatre / Vilas
Into the Woods2/21 - 2/242019Shannon Hall / Memorial Union
Six Charcters in Search of an Author10/11-10/282018Gilbert V. Hemsley Theatre / Vilas
Little Shop of Horrors7/12-7/29, 9/13-9/232018Ronald E. Mitchell Theatre / Vilas
The Laramie Project4/12 - 4/292018Gilbert V. Hemsley Theatre / Vilas
The Irresistable Rise of Artuo Ui3/1 - 3/182018Ronald E. Mitchell Theatre / Vilas
Is He Dead11/16 - 12/102017Ronald E. Mitchell Theatre / Vilas
Our Town10/12 - 10/292017Gilbert V. Hemsley Theatre / Vilas
Almost Maine6/8 - 6/252017Ronald E. Mitchell Theatre / Vilas
The Underpants4/13-4/302017Ronald E. Mitchell Theatre / Vilas
Twelfth Night2/23-3/122017Gilbert V. Hemsley Theatre / Vilas
It's a Wonderful Life: A Live Radio Play12/1-12/112016Ronald E. Mitchell Theatre / Vilas
Stupid Fucking Bird10/20-11/62016Gilbert V. Hemsley Theatre / Vilas
The Complete Works of William Shakespeare (Abridged) [Revised]7/14-7/312016Ronald E. Mitchell Theatre / Vilas
Magic Time4/14-5/12016Ronald E. Mitchell Theatre / Vilas
Smart People2/25-3/132016Ronald E. Mitchell Theatre / Vilas
The Beaux' Stratagem11/19-12/132015Ronald E. Mitchell Theatre / Vilas
Tea10/15-11/12015Gilbert V. Hemsley Theatre / Vilas
Fugitive Songs7/16-7/26, 9/17-9/272015Ronald E. Mitchell Theatre / Vilas
Legally Blonde: The Musical4/29-5/32015Shannon Hall / Memorial Union
At the Ark at Eight3/12-3/272015Ronald E. Mitchell Theatre / Vilas
Good Kids2/26-3/82015Gilbert V. Hemsley Theatre / Vilas
Helen11/21-12/72014Gilbert V. Hemsley Theatre / Vilas
The Odyessey11/7-11/162014Ronald E. Mitchell Theatre / Vilas
Greater Tuna7/11-7/27, 9/19-9/282014Gilbert V. Hemsley Theatre / Vilas
Richard III4/18-5/32014Ronald E. Mitchell Theatre / Vilas
The Yellow Boat4/4-4/182014Gilbert V. Hemsley Theatre / Vilas
Am I Blue?2/28-3/142014Ronald E. Mitchell Theatre / Vilas
dentity Crisis2/28-3/142014Ronald E. Mitchell Theatre / Vilas
An Evening with Poe12/4-12/82013Gilbert V. Hemsley Theatre / Vilas
Summer and Smoke11/1-11/162013Ronald E. Mitchell Theatre / Vilas
Dancing at Lughnasa10/4-10/192013Gilbert V. Hemsley Theatre / Vilas
Hound of the Baskervilles7/12-7/282013Ronald E. Mitchell Theatre / Vilas
Cloud 94/19-5/42013Ronald E. Mitchell Theatre / Vilas
Wondrous Tales of Old Japan4/5-4/192013Gilbert V. Hemsley Theatre / Vilas
Woyzeck3/1-3/162013Ronald E. Mitchell Theatre / Vilas
The Cradle Will Rock11/16-12/82012Ronald E. Mitchell Theatre / Vilas
I Can't Go On. I'll Go On.10/18-11/42012Hemsley/Mitchell/Scene Shop/Vilas Hall
The Mousetrap7/13-7/29/122012Ronald E. Mitchell Theatre / Vilas
The Two Gentlemen of Verona4/20-5/5/122012Ronald E. Mitchell Theatre / Vilas
Pedro & The War Cantata3/23-4/132012Gilbert V. Hemsley Theatre/ Vilas
Ma Rainey's Black Bottom3/2-3/172012Ronald E. Mitchell Theatre / Vilas
Bat Boy: The Musical11/17-12/102011Ronald E. Mitchell Theatre / Vilas
Ti-Jean & His Brothers10/27-11/122011Gilbert V. Hemsley Theatre/ Vilas
[title of show]7/8-9/182011Ronald E. Mitchell Theatre / Vilas
The Rocky Horror Show3/3-3/52011Shannon Hall / Memorial Union
The Yum Yum Room11/12-12/32010Gilbert V. Hemsley Theatre/ Vilas
Valparaiso10/22-11/62010Ronald E. Mitchell Theatre / Vilas
The Grapes Of Wrath10/1-10/162010Gilbert V. Hemsley Theatre/ Vilas
Across A Distance9/17-9/252010Ronald E. Mitchell Theatre / Vilas
The 25th Annual Putnam Co Spelling Bee7/8-7/242010Ronald E. Mitchell Theatre / Vilas
Into the Woods4/16-5/12010Ronald E. Mitchell Theatre / Vilas
The Lady from the Sea3/19-4/102010Gilbert V. Hemsley Theatre/ Vilas
Narukami - The Thuder God & The Zen Substitute2/26-3/132010Ronald E. Mitchell Theatre / Vilas
Blood Wedding11/13-12/52009Gilbert V. Hemsley Theatre/ Vilas
The Imaginary Invalid10/23-11/72009Ronald E. Mitchell Theatre / Vilas
The Revolt of the Beavers10/2-10/162009Gilbert V. Hemsley Theatre/ Vilas
Dames at Sea7/10-7/262009Ronald E. Mitchell Theatre / Vilas
HAIR4/16-5/22009Ronald E. Mitchell Theatre / Vilas
Falling Girls3/28-4/102009Gilbert V. Hemsley Theatre / Vilas
A Midsummer Night's Dream2/26-3/142009Ronald E. Mitchell Theatre / Vilas
A Thousand Words (WI Wrights)11/6-11/232008Madison Repertory Theatre
Choke Cherry Corners (WI Wrights)10/17-11/12008Gilbert V. Hemsley Theatre / Vilas
The War of the Worlds9/26-10/112008Ronald E. Mitchell Theatre / Vilas
The Bluest Eye6/27-7/192008Gilbert V. Hemsley Theatre / Vilas
The Musical of Musicals: The Musical6/72008Gilbert V. Hemsley Theatre / Vilas
A Streetcar Named Desire6/62008Gilbert V. Hemsley Theatre / Vilas
Dragonwings6/52008Gilbert V. Hemsley Theatre / Vilas
The Greeks (with Madison Rep)4/18-5/32008Ronald E. Mitchell Theatre / Vilas
The Love of the Nightingale3/28-4/122008Gilbert V. Hemsley Theatre / Vilas
The Front Steps (WI Wrights)2/29-3/152008Ronald E. Mitchell Theatre / Vilas
Recovering the Real Me (WI Wrights)11/18-12/92007Gilbert V. Hemsley Theatre / Vilas
Normal Human Beings (WI Wrights)11/18-12/92007Gilbert V. Hemsley Theatre / Vilas
The Queen of Janesville (WI Wrights)10/18-11/32007Ronald E. Mitchell Theatre / Vilas
The Water Engine9/28-9/29, 10/3-10/6, 10/10-10/122007Gilbert V. Hemsley Theatre / Vilas
Hibernation6/28-6/29, 7/5-7/7, 7/11-7/14, 7/18-7/212007Gilbert V. Hemsley Theatre / Vilas
You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown6/92007Gilbert V. Hemsley Theatre / Vilas
Urinetown: The Musical6/82007Gilbert V. Hemsley Theatre / Vilas
Three Sisters6/72007Gilbert V. Hemsley Theatre / Vilas
A Nervous Smile4/20-5/52007Ronald E. Mitchell Theatre / Vilas
On the Razzle3/17-3/18, 3/242007Gilbert V. Hemsley Theatre / Vilas
Yellowman3/2-3/3, 3/8-3/11, 3/15-3/172007Ronald E. Mitchell Theatre / Vilas
Arabian Nights11/16-11/19, 11/29-12/2, 12/7-12/92006Gilbert V. Hemsley Theatre / Vilas
The Rover10/20-10/21, 10/25-10/27, 11/2-11/42006Ronald E. Mitchell Theatre / Vilas
The Beckett Project9/15-9/17, 9/19-9/232006Gilbert V. Hemsley Theatre / Vilas
Master Class7/7-7/9, 7/13-7/16, 7/20-7/232006Ronald E. Mitchell Theatre / Vilas
Goodnight Irene6/16, 6/18, 6/22-6/23, 6/25, 6/29-6/30, 7/6-7/92006Gilbert V. Hemsley Theatre / Vilas
The Taffetas6/9-6/11, 6/17, 6/24, 7/22006Gilbert V. Hemsley Theatre / Vilas
Sight Unseen4/14-4/15, 4/20-4/22, 4/27-4/292006Ronald E. Mitchell Theatre / Vilas
According to Coyote3/25-3/26, 4/1-4/22006Gilbert V. Hemsley Theatre / Vilas
Pride and Prejudice2/24-2/25, 3/2-3/4, 3/9-3/112006Ronald E. Mitchell Theatre / Vilas
Tis Pity She's a Whore11/18-11/20, 11/30-12/4, 12/7-12/102005Gilbert V. Hemsley Theatre / Vilas
Crumbs from the Table of Joy10/21-10/22, 10/27-10/29, 11/3-11/52005Ronald E. Mitchell Theatre / Vilas
Nothing Sacred (Open Stage)10/20-10/232005Gilbert V. Hemsley Theatre / Vilas
The Mystery of Irma Vep7/22-7/24, 7/27-7/31, 8/3-8/7, 9/9, 9/11, 9/13-9/182005Gilbert V. Hemsley Theatre / Vilas
Quake7/8-7/10, 7/14-7/17, 7/21-7/242005Ronald E. Mitchell Theatre / Vilas
The Taffetas6/23-6/26, 6/29-7/1, 7/3, 7/6-7/102005Gilbert V. Hemsley Theatre / Vilas
Zastrozzi4/8-4/9, 4/14-4/16, 4/21-4/232005Ronald E. Mitchell Theatre / Vilas
Misalliance2/25-2/26, 3/3-3/5, 3/10-3/122005Ronald E. Mitchell Theatre / Vilas
No Exit12/3-12/5, 12/8-12/112004Gilbert V. Hemsley Theatre / Vilas
The Mind of Tom (Open Stage)11/11-11/132004Gilbert V. Hemsley Theatre / Vilas
Sometime Yesterday (Open Stage)11/11-11/132004Gilbert V. Hemsley Theatre / Vilas
God (Open Stage)11/11-11/132004Gilbert V. Hemsley Theatre / Vilas
Threepenny Opera11/5-11/6, 11/11-11/13, 11/18-11/202004Ronald E. Mitchell Theatre / Vilas
Last Night of Ballyhoo9/10-9/11, 9/15-9/172004Gilbert V. Hemsley Theatre / Vilas
Makin' Mambo6/18-7/42004
Homebody/Kabul4/16-4/17, 4/22-4/24, 4/29-5/12004Ronald E. Mitchell Theatre / Vilas
Wondrous Tales of Old Japan3/24, 3/26-3/29, 3/31, 4/2-4/5, 4/7, 4/9, 4/12, 4/14, 4/16, 4/18-4/212004Gilbert V. Hemsley Theatre / Vilas
The Secret Garden2/27-2/29, 3/4-3/72004Wisconsin Union Theatre
Lucky Stiff2004
Picasso at the Lapin Agile (Undergraduate Theatre Union Open Stage)12/5-12/62003Gilbert V. Hemsley Theatre / Vilas
Les Blancs11/7-11/9, 11/13-11/16, 11/20-11/232003Ronald E. Mitchell Theatre / Vilas
The Memorandum10/17-10/18, 10/23-10/25, 10/29-11/12003Gilbert V. Hemsley Theatre / Vilas
Bon Appetit!9/19-9/20, 9/24-9/25, 9/27-9/282003Gilbert V. Hemsley Theatre / Vilas
Das Barbecu7/25-7/27, 7/29-8/32003Ronald E. Mitchell Theatre / Vilas
The Woman in Black7/11-7/12, 7/16-7/19, 7/23-7/27, 7/29-8/32003Gilbert V. Hemsley Theatre / Vilas
I Do! I Do!6/26-6/27, 6/29, 7/2-7/3, 7/5-7/6, 7/9-7/122003Ronald E. Mitchell Theatre / Vilas
Ungluing Noah (Open Stage)4/9-4/112003Gilbert V. Hemsley Theatre / Vilas
Ampersand Dance Theatre (Open Stage)4/3-4/52003Gilbert V. Hemsley Theatre / Vilas
Oxygen3/28-3/29, 4/3-4/5, 4/10-4/122003Ronald E. Mitchell Theatre / Vilas
Somebody Catch my Homework3/8-3/10, 3/12, 3/14, 3/24, 3/26, 3/28-3/29, 3/31, 4/2, 4/4, 4/7, 4/9, 4/112003Gilbert V. Hemsley Theatre / Vilas
The Mikado2/21-2/22, 2/28-3/12003Wisconsin Union Theatre
Hamlet12/4-12/8, 12/10-12/122002Gilbert V. Hemsley Theatre / Vilas
The Physicists11/8-11/9, 11/14-11/16, 11/21-11/232002Ronald E. Mitchell Theatre / Vilas
Antigone10/18-10/19, 10/23-10/27, 10/30-11/32002Gilbert V. Hemsley Theatre / Vilas
The Passion of Dracula8/1-8/92002Ronald E. Mitchell Theatre / Vilas
Barefoot in the Park7/12-7/262002Ronald E. Mitchell Theatre / Vilas
Tintypes6/27-8/32002Gilbert V. Hemsley Theatre / Vilas
Fortinbras (Open Stage)4/25-4/272002Gilbert V. Hemsley Theatre / Vilas
A Flea in her Ear4/19-4/20, 4/25-4/27, 5/2-5/42002Ronald E. Mitchell Theatre / Vilas
The Rocky Horror Show (Open Stage)4/18-4/202002Gilbert V. Hemsley Theatre / Vilas
Play it Again, Sam (Open Stage)4/11-4/132002Gilbert V. Hemsley Theatre / Vilas
The House I Call Love3/2, 3/9, 3/162002Ronald E. Mitchell Theatre / Vilas
Careless Love2/14-2/16, 2/21-2/23, 2/28-3/2, 3/7-3/92002Gilbert V. Hemsley Theatre / Vilas
Glengarry Glen Ross (Always Be Closing) (Open Stage)12/6-12/82001Gilbert V. Hemsley Theatre / Vilas
Out of our Senses (Open Stage)11/30-12/12001Gilbert V. Hemsley Theatre / Vilas
Trojan Women11/1-11/4, 11/7-11/11, 11/14-11/182001Gilbert V. Hemsley Theatre / Vilas
The Tempest10/19-11/32001Ronald E. Mitchell Theatre / Vilas
Stop Kiss7/28-8/42001Ronald E. Mitchell Theatre / Vilas
Master Harold…and the Boys7/6-7/7, 7/12-7/14, 7/19-7/20, 9/13-9/15, 9/20-9/222001Ronald E. Mitchell Theatre / Vilas
The Boys from Syracuse6/28-8/42001Gilbert V. Hemsley Theatre / Vilas
Merrily We Roll Along4/20-4/21, 4/26-4/28, 5/2-5/52001Ronald E. Mitchell Theatre / Vilas
Eugenia3/2-3/3, 3/6-3/8, 3/21-3/242001Gilbert V. Hemsley Theatre / Vilas
She Stoops to Conquer2/16-2/17, 2/22-2/24, 3/1-3/32001Ronald E. Mitchell Theatre / Vilas
Inventor of the Horse (Open Stage)2/8-2/102001Gilbert V. Hemsley Theatre / Vilas
Bart, the Temp: A Story of Wall Street (Open Stage)2/1-2/32001Gilbert V. Hemsley Theatre / Vilas
Does God Play Dice (Open Stage)12/14-12/152000Gilbert V. Hemsley Theatre / Vilas
All in the Timing (Open Stage)12/7-12/92000Gilbert V. Hemsley Theatre / Vilas
Why We Have a Body (Open Stage)11/30, 12/1-12/22000Gilbert V. Hemsley Theatre / Vilas
A Raisin in the Sun11/10-11/122000Wisconsin Union Theatre
Spring Awakening10/27-10/28, 11/1-11/4, 11/8-11/11, 11/15-11/192000Gilbert V. Hemsley Theatre / Vilas
Still Life with Iris10/13-10/14, 10/22, 10/292000Ronald E. Mitchell Theatre / Vilas
Private Eyes7/21-7/22, 7/26-7/29, 9/15-9/16, 9/21-9/232000Ronald E. Mitchell Theatre / Vilas
True West6/30-7/1, 7/6-7/8, 7/12-7/142000Ronald E. Mitchell Theatre / Vilas
Falsettos6/23-6/24, 6/28-7/1, 7/6-7/8, 7/12-7/15, 7/20-7/22, 7/27-7/292000Gilbert V. Hemsley Theatre / Vilas
Nora4/28-4/30, 5/3-5/72000Ronald E. Mitchell Theatre / Vilas
A Little Night Music4/7-4/8, 4/13-4/152000Wisconsin Union Theatre
Mad Forest3/3-3/5, 3/8-3/9, 3/23-3/252000Ronald E. Mitchell Theatre / Vilas
Twelfth Night2/18-2/20, 2/23-2/27, 3/1-3/52000Gilbert V. Hemsley Theatre / Vilas
The Three Musketeers11/26-11/28, 12/1-12/5, 12/8-12/12, 12/15-12/191999Ronald E. Mitchell Theatre / Vilas
This is Not a Pipe Dream11/1-11/241999Gilbert V. Hemsley Theatre / Vilas
All My Sons10/15-10/16, 10/21-10/23, 10/28-10/301999Ronald E. Mitchell Theatre / Vilas
Steel Magnolias7/23-7/24, 7/28-7/31, 9/16-9/18, 9/23-9/251999Ronald E. Mitchell Theatre / Vilas
Black Comedy7/9-7/10, 7/14-7/171999Ronald E. Mitchell Theatre / Vilas
Ernest in Love6/25-6/26, 6/30-7/2, 7/7-7/10, 7/13-7/17, 7/20-7/24, 7/27-7/311999Gilbert V. Hemsley Theatre / Vilas
Middle-Aged White Guys4/23-4/24, 4/28-5/11999Gilbert V. Hemsley Theatre / Vilas
Man of La Mancha4/16-4/17, 4/22-4/241999Wisconsin Union Theatre
The Bacchae3/19-3/21, 3/24-3/281999Ronald E. Mitchell Theatre / Vilas
Mugnog2/19-2/20, 2/26-2/271999Gilbert V. Hemsley Theatre / Vilas
An Evening of Brecht12/3, 12/5, 12/9, 12/11-12/121998Gilbert V. Hemsley Theatre / Vilas
The Water Station11/13-11/15, 11/19-11/21, 12/3-12/51998Ronald E. Mitchell Theatre / Vilas
Fefu and her Friends10/30, 11/1, 11/3, 11/8-11/9, 11/11, 11/15-11/16, 11/18, 11/22-11/241998University Club
Arcadia10/16-10/17, 10/22-10/24, 10/28-10/301998Ronald E. Mitchell Theatre / Vilas
Smash7/24-7/25, 7/29-8/11998Ronald E. Mitchell Theatre / Vilas
Talley's Folly7/10-7/11, 7/15-7/181998Ronald E. Mitchell Theatre / Vilas
Under the Gaslight6/26-6/27, 7/1-7/3, 7/8-7/11, 7/14-7/18, 7/21-7/25, 7/28-8/11998Gilbert V. Hemsley Theatre / Vilas
The Boy Friend4/23-4/25, 4/29-5/31998Ronald E. Mitchell Theatre / Vilas
Orestes3/27-3/28, 4/3-4/41998UW Stock Pavilion
We Won't Pay! We Won't Pay!2/19-2/21, 2/25-3/11998Ronald E. Mitchell Theatre / Vilas
As You Like It11/7-11/8, 11/13-11/15, 11/20-11/221997Ronald E. Mitchell Theatre / Vilas
Waiting for the Parade10/24-10/25, 10/30-11/2, 11/6-11/9, 11/13-11/151997Gilbert V. Hemsley Theatre / Vilas
The Glass Menagerie7/25-7/26, 7/30-8/21997Ronald E. Mitchell Theatre / Vilas
The Dining Room7/11-7/12, 7/16-7/191997Ronald E. Mitchell Theatre / Vilas
Something's Afoot6/27-6/28, 7/2-7/3, 7/9-7/12, 7/15-7/19, 7/22-7/26, 7/29-8/21997Gilbert V. Hemsley Theatre / Vilas
The Odyssey4/25, 5/3 (plus school performances)1997Ronald E. Mitchell Theatre / Vilas
Guys and Dolls4/11-4/12, 4/17-4/191997Wisconsin Union Theatre
King Lear2/21-2/22, 2/27-3/2, 3/6-3/91997Ronald E. Mitchell Theatre / Vilas
Down the Road11/22-11/23, 12/3-12/81996Gilbert V. Hemsley Theatre / Vilas
The Servant of Two Masters11/8-11/9, 11/14-11/16, 11/21-11/231996Ronald E. Mitchell Theatre / Vilas
Three Sisters10/18-10/19, 10/23-10/27, 10/31-11/31996Gilbert V. Hemsley Theatre / Vilas
Love Letters7/26-7/28, 7/30-8/41996Gilbert V. Hemsley Theatre / Vilas
Lettice and Lovage7/26-7/27, 7/31-8/31996Ronald E. Mitchell Theatre / Vilas
Charley's Aunt7/12-7/14, 7/16-7/20, 7/24-7/25, 7/27-7/28, 8/2-8/31996Gilbert V. Hemsley Theatre / Vilas
Hello, Dollly!6/28-6/29, 7/5-7/6, 7/10-7/14, 7/17-7/201996Ronald E. Mitchell Theatre / Vilas
The Zen Substitute and The Only Jealousy of Ember (Fighting the Waves)4/26-4/28, 5/2-5/41996Ronald E. Mitchell Theatre / Vilas
The Ballad of Baby Doe4/19, 4/21, 4/26-4/271996Wisconsin Union Theatre
Keely and Du3/22-3/24, 3/27-3/311996Gilbert V. Hemsley Theatre / Vilas
The Government Inspector2/16-2/17, 2/22-2/24, 2/29-3/21996Ronald E. Mitchell Theatre / Vilas
The Death and Life of Sneaky Fitch2/15-2/171996Gilbert V. Hemsley Theatre / Vilas
Laughing Wild2/8-2/101996Gilbert V. Hemsley Theatre / Vilas
The Guitarron12/1-12/3, 12/7-12/91995Gilbert V. Hemsley Theatre / Vilas
Inspecting Carol11/17-11/19, 11/30-12/2, 12/7-12/91995Ronald E. Mitchell Theatre / Vilas
Noodle Doodle Box11/10, 11/12 plus school performances1995Gilbert V. Hemsley Theatre / Vilas
La Dispute10/13-10/14, 10/19-10/22, 10/25-10/291995Gilbert V. Hemsley Theatre / Vilas
Melange a Trois: Three Short Plays (The Seventh Season, Duet for Spies, Tales from the Hut)9/14-9/161995Gilbert V. Hemsley Theatre / Vilas
The Real Inspector Hound7/28-7/29, 8/2-8/61995Ronald E. Mitchell Theatre / Vilas
After Magritte7/28-7/29, 8/2-8/61995Ronald E. Mitchell Theatre / Vilas
The Mousetrap7/14-7/16, 7/19-7/221995Ronald E. Mitchell Theatre / Vilas
My Fair Lady6/30-7/1, 7/5-7/9, 7/12-7/16, 7/19-7/22, 7/26-7/29, 8/2-8/61995Gilbert V. Hemsley Theatre / Vilas
An Evening of Beckett - Short Plays4/28-4/29, 5/4-5/61995Ronald E. Mitchell Theatre / Vilas
The Tragedie of Romeo and Juliet4/21-4/22, 4/25, 4/27-4/29, 5/3-5/61995Ronald E. Mitchell Theatre / Vilas
Death and the Maiden3/30-4/2, 4/5-4/81995Gilbert V. Hemsley Theatre / Vilas
Misalliance2/17-2/18, 2/23-2/25, 3/2-3/41995Ronald E. Mitchell Theatre / Vilas
La Ronde (OPEN STAGE)2/9-2/111995Gilbert V. Hemsley Theatre / Vilas
You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown (OPEN STAGE)2/2-2/41995Gilbert V. Hemsley Theatre / Vilas
Just Before Sleep12/2, 12/9, 12/111994Gilbert V. Hemsley Theatre / Vilas
The Visit11/18-11/20, 12/1-12/3, 12/8-12/101994Ronald E. Mitchell Theatre / Vilas
Kind Ness10/28-10/29, 11/3-11/5, 11/10-11/121994Gilbert V. Hemsley Theatre / Vilas
Assassins10/14-10/15, 10/20-10/22, 10/27-10/291994Ronald E. Mitchell Theatre / Vilas
Female Parts9/9-9/111994Ronald E. Mitchell Theatre / Vilas
On the Verge7/21-7/23, 7/27-7/301994Ronald E. Mitchell Theatre / Vilas
Lend me a Tenor7/7-7/9, 7/13-7/161994Ronald E. Mitchell Theatre / Vilas
The Fantasticks6/24-6/25, 6/29-7/2, 7/6-7/9, 7/13-7/16, 7/20-7/23, 7/27-7/301994Gilbert V. Hemsley Theatre / Vilas
A Chorus Line4/22-4/23, 4/28-4/301994Wisconsin Union Theatre
The Baltimore Waltz3/10-3/13, 3/15-3/201994Gilbert V. Hemsley Theatre / Vilas
The Golden Age2/25-2/26, 3/3-3/5, 3/10-3/121994Ronald E. Mitchell Theatre / Vilas
Woyzeck12/2-12/5, 12/7-12/121993Gilbert V. Hemsley Theatre / Vilas
Iphigenia in Aulis and Tauris11/19-11/20, 12/2-12/4, 12/9-12/111993Ronald E. Mitchell Theatre / Vilas
All's Well that Ends Well10/16-10/17, 10/22-10/24, 10/29-10/311993Ronald E. Mitchell Theatre / Vilas
A Piece of my Heart10/15-10/17, 10/20-10/24, 10/27-10/31, 11/3-11/71993Gilbert V. Hemsley Theatre / Vilas
Evelyn and the Polka King7/22-7/24, 7/28-7/311993Ronald E. Mitchell Theatre / Vilas
The Nerd7/8-7/10, 7/14-7/171993Ronald E. Mitchell Theatre / Vilas
Olympus on my Mind6/25-6/26, 6/30-7/2, 7/7-7/10, 7/14-7/17, 7/21-7/24, 7/28-7/311993Gilbert V. Hemsley Theatre / Vilas
Cabaret4/16-4/17, 4/22, 4/241993Wisconsin Union Theatre
The Cherry Orchard3/25-3/28, 4/1-4/41993Ronald E. Mitchell Theatre / Vilas
In a Room Somewhere3/19-4/211993Gilbert V. Hemsley Theatre / Vilas
Machinal2/12-2/13, 2/18-2/20, 2/25-2/271993Ronald E. Mitchell Theatre / Vilas
Prelude to a Kiss11/20-11/22, 12/3-12/5, 12/10-12/121992Ronald E. Mitchell Theatre / Vilas
The Heidi Chronicles7/23-7/26, 7/29-8/11992Ronald E. Mitchell Theatre / Vilas
The Musical Comedy Murders of 19407/9-7/11, 7/15-7/181992Ronald E. Mitchell Theatre / Vilas
The Rink6/26-6/27, 7/1-7/3, 7/8-7/12, 7/15-7/19, 7/22-7/26, 7/29-8/11992Gilbert V. Hemsley Theatre / Vilas
Tales from South Asia (The Story of the World's First Play)4/3-5/11992Gilbert V. Hemsley Theatre / Vilas
Into the Woods3/27-3/29, 4/2-4/5, 4/9-4/10, 4/121992Ronald E. Mitchell Theatre / Vilas
Etta Jenks2/14-2/15, 2/20-2/22, 2/27-2/291992Ronald E. Mitchell Theatre / Vilas
Ghosts11/15-11/16, 11/21-11/23, 12/5-12/71991Gilbert V. Hemsley Theatre / Vilas
The Misanthrope11/8-11/9, 11/14-11/16, 11/21-11/231991Ronald E. Mitchell Theatre / Vilas
Fire in the Basement10/10-10/11, 10/17-10/19, 109/25-10/261991Gilbert V. Hemsley Theatre / Vilas
Kiss of the Spider Woman10/4-10/5, 10/10-10/12, 10/17-10/191991Ronald E. Mitchell Theatre / Vilas
They're Playing our Song7/18-7/20, 7/24-7/27, 7/31-8/31991Ronald E. Mitchell Theatre / Vilas
Approaching Zanzibar7/5-7/7, 7/10-7/131991Ronald E. Mitchell Theatre / Vilas
Starting Here, Starting Now6/28-8/31991Gilbert V. Hemsley Theatre / Vilas
The Road to Mecca5/4-5/51991Ronald E. Mitchell Theatre / Vilas
A Midsummer Night's Dream4/26-4/28, 5/1-5/51991Gilbert V. Hemsley Theatre / Vilas
Terra Nova4/12-4/13, 4/18-4/20, 4/25-4/271991Ronald E. Mitchell Theatre / Vilas
Major Barbara2/22-2/23, 2/28-3/2, 3/7-3/9, 3/14-3/161991Gilbert V. Hemsley Theatre / Vilas
Talk Radio11/30-12/2, 12/6-12/81990Gilbert V. Hemsley Theatre / Vilas
Fen11/16-11/18, 11/29-12/1, 12/6-12/81990Ronald E. Mitchell Theatre / Vilas
The Kitchen10/12-10/13, 10/18-10/20, 10/25-10/271990Ronald E. Mitchell Theatre / Vilas
Step on a Crack10/12, 10/14, 10/19, 10/21, 10/28, 11/2, 11/41990Gilbert V. Hemsley Theatre / Vilas
The Late Christopher Bean7/26-7/28, 8/1-8/41990Ronald E. Mitchell Theatre / Vilas
The Miss Firecracker Contest7/12-7/14, 7/18-7/211990Ronald E. Mitchell Theatre / Vilas
Little Shop of Horrors6/29-8/41990Gilbert V. Hemsley Theatre / Vilas
Ariadne auf Naxos4/27, 4/291990Wisconsin Union Theatre
Burning Patience4/6-4/7, 4/11-4/12, 4/19-4/21, 4/26-4/281990Gilbert V. Hemsley Theatre / Vilas
Mother Courage and her Children3/2-3/3, 3/8-3/11, 3/14-3/151990Ronald E. Mitchell Theatre / Vilas
The Vienna Notes2/15-3/101990Gilbert V. Hemsley Theatre / Vilas
On Borrowed Time2/2-2/4, 2/9-2/111990Ronald E. Mitchell Theatre / Vilas
Sweeney Todd - The Demon Barber of Fleet StreetMarch-April1989Gilbert V. Hemsley Theatre / Vilas
She Loves Me12/7-12/101989Wisconsin Union Theatre
The Secret Garden10/20-11/121989Gilbert V. Hemsley Theatre / Vilas
As You Like It10/20-10/21, 10/26-10/28, 11/2-11/41989Ronald E. Mitchell Theatre / Vilas
The Singular Life of Albert Nobbs7/27-7/30, 8/2-8/51989Ronald E. Mitchell Theatre / Vilas
End of the World (With Symposium to Follow)7/13-7/16, 7/19-7/221989Ronald E. Mitchell Theatre / Vilas
The Gin Game6/30-7/1, 7/5-7/8, 7/12-7/16, 7/19-7/22, 7/26-7/30, 8/2-8/51989Gilbert V. Hemsley Theatre / Vilas
Jerry's Girls4/21-4/22, 4/27-4/291989Wisconsin Union Theatre
The Maids2/17-2/18, 2/23-2/25, 3/2-3/41989Ronald E. Mitchell Theatre / Vilas
The House of Blue Leaves2/15-2/181989Gilbert V. Hemsley Theatre / Vilas
The Marriage of Bette and Boo12/7-12/101988Gilbert V. Hemsley Theatre / Vilas
The Hairy Ape11/11-11/12, 11/17-11/191988Wisconsin Union Theatre
The Importance of Being Earnest10/21-10/22, 10/27-10/29, 11/3-11/51988Ronald E. Mitchell Theatre / Vilas
The Ice Wolf10/14, 10/21, 10/23, 10/30, 11/4, 11/6, 11/11, 11/131988Gilbert V. Hemsley Theatre / Vilas
Born Yesterday7/21-7/24, 7/27-7/301988Ronald E. Mitchell Theatre / Vilas
Claptrap7/7-7/10, 7/13-7/161988Ronald E. Mitchell Theatre / Vilas
Sylvia's Real Good Advice6/24-6/25, 6/29-7/2, 7/6-7/10, 7/13-7/16, 7/20-7/24, 7/27-7/301988Gilbert V. Hemsley Theatre / Vilas
Roar (Indonesian: Aum)4/28-4/301988Gilbert V. Hemsley Theatre / Vilas
Anything Goes4/22-4/23, 4/28-4/301988Wisconsin Union Theatre
New Canadian Kid4/8-4/10, 4/15-4/171988Gilbert V. Hemsley Theatre / Vilas
Good3/3-3/6, 3/8-3/11, 3/22-3/261988Gilbert V. Hemsley Theatre / Vilas
The Winter's Tale2/12-2/13, 2/18-2/20, 2/25-2/271988Ronald E. Mitchell Theatre / Vilas
The Emperor's New ClothesOctober-November1987Gilbert V. Hemsley Theatre / Vilas
Noises Off11/6-11/7, 11/12-11/141987Wisconsin Union Theatre
Medea10/9-10/10, 10/15-10/17, 10/22-10/241987Ronald E. Mitchell Theatre / Vilas
Once Upon a Mattress7/26-8/11987Gilbert V. Hemsley Theatre / Vilas
Museum7/23-8/11987Ronald E. Mitchell Theatre / Vilas
Brighton Beach Memoirs7/9-7/12, 7/15-7/181987Ronald E. Mitchell Theatre / Vilas
A Doll's House4/9-4/11, 4/15-4/16, 4/23-4/251987Ronald E. Mitchell Theatre / Vilas
The Normal Heart2/27-2/28, 3/5-3/7, 3/11-3/131987Ronald E. Mitchell Theatre / Vilas
The Abdiction2/20-2/221987Gilbert V. Hemsley Theatre / Vilas
Wings12/4-12/61986Gilbert V. Hemsley Theatre / Vilas
The Alcestiad11/7-11/8, 11/13-11/15, 11/20-11/221986Ronald E. Mitchell Theatre / Vilas
Wiley and the Hairy Man10/17-11/21986Gilbert V. Hemsley Theatre / Vilas
The Rivals10/10-10/11, 10/16-10/18, 10/23-10/251986Ronald E. Mitchell Theatre / Vilas
Gemini7/18-7/19, 7/24, 7/31-8/21986Ronald E. Mitchell Theatre / Vilas
Barefoot in the Park7/5-7/6, 7/10-7/12, 7/25-7/261986Ronald E. Mitchell Theatre / Vilas
The Streets of New York6/27-6/28, 7/3, 7/5-7/6, 7/10-7/12, 7/17-7/19, 7/24-7/26, 7/31-8/21986Gilbert V. Hemsley Theatre / Vilas
Macbeth4/24-4/261986Wisconsin Union Theatre
Geez!4/9-4/121986Gilbert V. Hemsley Theatre / Vilas
Cloud 93/7-3/8, 3/13-3/15, 3/19-3/211986Ronald E. Mitchell Theatre / Vilas
Most Valuable Player2/21-3/21986Gilbert V. Hemsley Theatre / Vilas
The Glass Menagerie2/7-2/8, 2/13-2/15, 2/20-2/221986Ronald E. Mitchell Theatre / Vilas
Rashomon12/5-12/7, 12/11-12/131985Gilbert V. Hemsley Theatre / Vilas
Awake and Sing!11/8-11/9, 11/14-11/16, 11/21-11/231985Ronald E. Mitchell Theatre / Vilas
Who Says?10/17-10/18, 10/20, 10/22, 10/25, 10/27, 10/29, 10/31-11/1, 11/3, 11/5, 11/7, 11/12, 11/141985Gilbert V. Hemsley Theatre / Vilas
Division Street7/19-7/20, 7/25, 8/1-8/31985Ronald E. Mitchell Theatre / Vilas
The Front Page7/5-7/6, 7/11-7/13, 7/26-7/271985Ronald E. Mitchell Theatre / Vilas
Diamond Studs6/28-6/29, 7/5-7/7, 7/11-7/13, 7/18-7/20, 7/25-7/27, 8/1-8/31985Gilbert V. Hemsley Theatre / Vilas
An Evening of Sanskrit Dramas: Urughangam (The Breaking of Thighs) & The Hermit/Harlot (Bhagavadajjukam)5/1-5/41985Gilbert V. Hemsley Theatre / Vilas
Peter Pan4/25-4/281985Wisconsin Union Theatre
Top Girls4/12-4/13, 4/18-4/201985Gilbert V. Hemsley Theatre / Vilas
Extremities3/8-3/9, 3/13-3/15, 3/28-3/301985Ronald E. Mitchell Theatre / Vilas
Mother Hicks3/1-3/3, 3/8-3/91985Gilbert V. Hemsley Theatre / Vilas
Our Town2/8-2/9, 2/14-2/16, 2/21-2/231985Ronald E. Mitchell Theatre / Vilas
Picnic11/29-12/1, 12/6-12/81984Gilbert V. Hemsley Theatre / Vilas
From Morn to Midnight11/9-11/10, 11/15-11/17, 11/29-12/11984Ronald E. Mitchell Theatre / Vilas
Winnie the Pooh10/18-11/81984Gilbert V. Hemsley Theatre / Vilas
The Servant of Two Masters10/12-10/13, 10/18-10/20, 10/25-10/271984Ronald E. Mitchell Theatre / Vilas
Lone Star, Laundry and Bourbon7/20-7/21, 7/26, 8/2-8/41984Ronald E. Mitchell Theatre / Vilas
Arsenic and Old Lace7/6-7/7, 7/12-7/14, 7/27-7/291984Ronald E. Mitchell Theatre / Vilas
Dames at Sea6/29-6/30, 7/5-7/7, 7/12-7/14, 7/19-7/22, 7/26-7/28, 8/2-8/41984Gilbert V. Hemsley Theatre / Vilas
At the Hawk's Well & The Only Jealousy of Emer5/2-5/61984Gilbert V. Hemsley Theatre / Vilas
A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum4/26-4/281984Wisconsin Union Theatre
Travesties3/9-3/10, 3/15-3/17, 3/29-3/311984Ronald E. Mitchell Theatre / Vilas
An Evening of Four One-Acts: The Motor Show, Foursome, Come and Go & One Way for Another3/8-3/101984Gilbert V. Hemsley Theatre / Vilas
The Arkansas Bear2/24-2/26, 3/2-3/31984Gilbert V. Hemsley Theatre / Vilas
Hedda Gabler2/10-2/11, 2/16-2/18, 2/23-2/251984Ronald E. Mitchell Theatre / Vilas
Antigone12/1-12/3, 12/7-12/91983Gilbert V. Hemsley Theatre / Vilas
The Good Person of Sichuan11/11-11/12, 11/17-11/19, 12/1-12/31983Ronald E. Mitchell Theatre / Vilas
Snoopy!!!10/20, 10/23, 10/25, 10/28, 11/1, 11/3-11/4, 11/6, 11/8, 11/101983Experimental/Vilas
Twelfth Night10/7-10/8, 10/13-10/15, 10/20-10/221983Ronald E. Mitchell Theatre / Vilas
Spokesong7/15-7/16, 7/21, 7/28-7/301983Ronald E. Mitchell Theatre / Vilas
You Can't Take it With You7/1-7/2, 7/7-7/9, 7/22-7/231983Ronald E. Mitchell Theatre / Vilas
Side by Side by Sondheim6/24-6/25, 6/30-7/2, 7/7-7/9, 7/14-7/16, 7/21-7/23, 7/28-7/301983Experimental/Vilas
The Me Nobody Knows5/5-5/71983Old Music Hall
Betrayal4/22-4/23, 4/28-4/30, 5/5-5/71983Ronald E. Mitchell Theatre / Vilas
The Exception and the Rule4/14-4/161983Experimental/Vilas
Curse of the Starving Class3/18-3/19, 3/23-3/25, 4/7-4/91983Ronald E. Mitchell Theatre / Vilas
Shore Acres3/3-3/5, 3/10-3/121983Experimental/Vilas
Mary Stuart2/18-2/19, 2/24-2/26, 3/3-3/51983Ronald E. Mitchell Theatre / Vilas
The American Clock12/8-12/101982Experimental/Vilas
Margaret Fleming12/2-12/41982Experimental/Vilas
Blithe Spirit11/12-11/13, 11/18-11/20, 12/2-12/41982Ronald E. Mitchell Theatre / Vilas
The Merry Widow10/14-10/161982Wisconsin Union Theatre
The Passion of Dracula7/8-7/9, 7/16-7/17, 7/22, 7/29-7/311982Ronald E. Mitchell Theatre / Vilas
Tintypes7/1-7/2, 7/10, 7/15, 7/23-7/241982Experimental/Vilas
Hooters6/24-6/26, 7/10, 7/15, 7/23-7/241982Ronald E. Mitchell Theatre / Vilas
An Evening of Japanese Noh Drama: Classical and Modern Benkei Aboard Ship (Funa Benkei)5/5-5/81982Experimental/Vilas
Kiss Me Kate4/29-5/11982Wisconsin Union Theatre
Dr. Faustus4/1-4/4, 4/7-4/101982Ronald E. Mitchell Theatre / Vilas
Sticks and Bones2/25-2/28, 3/3-3/61982Ronald E. Mitchell Theatre / Vilas
A Midsummer Night's Dream2/12-2/14, 2/19-2/201982Experimental/Vilas
Dance of Death12/3-12/6, 12/9-12/121981Ronald E. Mitchell Theatre / Vilas
The Adding Machine11/18-11/211981Experimental/Vilas
Beauty and the Beast11/4-11/141981Ronald E. Mitchell Theatre / Vilas
A Month in the Country10/8-10/11, 10/14-10/171981Ronald E. Mitchell Theatre / Vilas
The Boys from Syracuse7/16-7/19, 7/22, 7/25-7/26, 7/31-8/11981Ronald E. Mitchell Theatre / Vilas
Richard's Lear7/2-7/3, 7/8-7/11, 7/23-7/24, 7/29-7/301981Experimental/Vilas
Romanoff and Juliet6/24-6/27, 7/9-7/11, 7/24, 7/29-7/301981Ronald E. Mitchell Theatre / Vilas
Martial Tales of India (An adaptation of Kerala's Regional Folk Ballads with selections from The Mahabharata)5/6-5/101981Ronald E. Mitchell Theatre / Vilas
Sweet Bird of Youth4/9-4/12, 4/15-4/181981Ronald E. Mitchell Theatre / Vilas
The Belle of Amherst3/26-3/281981Experimental/Vilas
You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown2/26-2/281981Wisconsin Union Theatre
Rose Bernd12/4-12/7, 12/9-12/131980Ronald E. Mitchell Theatre / Vilas
Androcles and the Lion11/5-11/91980Experimental/Vilas
The London Cuckolds10/16-10/19, 10/22-10/251980Ronald E. Mitchell Theatre / Vilas
The Mound Builders9/10-9/141980Ronald E. Mitchell Theatre / Vilas
The Day the Marching Bands Went Wild7/17-7/18, 7/25-7/27, 7/31-8/21980Ronald E. Mitchell Theatre / Vilas
The Mound Builders7/3-7/5, 7/11-7/12, 7/23-7/24, 7/29-7/301980Ronald E. Mitchell Theatre / Vilas
Long Day's Journey into Night6/25-6/28, 7/9-7/10, 7/19-7/201980Ronald E. Mitchell Theatre / Vilas
The Maids5/6-5/101980Experimental/Vilas
Happy End5/1-5/31980Wisconsin Union Theatre
Philadelphia, Here I Come!4/2-4/5, 4/9-4/121980Ronald E. Mitchell Theatre / Vilas
Exit the King3/25-3/281980Experimental/Vilas
Much Ado about Nothing2/21-2/24, 2/27-3/11980Ronald E. Mitchell Theatre / Vilas
Step on a Crack2/12-2/171980Experimental/Vilas
Story of a Soldier12/13-12/151979Experimental/Vilas
Heartbreak House11/15-11/18, 1/28-12/11979Ronald E. Mitchell Theatre / Vilas
You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown10/17-10/211979Experimental/Vilas
God of Vengeance10/11-10/14, 10/17-10/201979Ronald E. Mitchell Theatre / Vilas
A History of the American Film7/19-7/21, 7/26-7/27, 7/31-8/21979Ronald E. Mitchell Theatre / Vilas
A Place on the Magdalena Flats7/5-7/7, 7/13-7/14, 7/22, 7/25, 7/28-7/291979Ronald E. Mitchell Theatre / Vilas
The Price6/27-6/30, 7/11-7/12, 8/3-8/41979Ronald E. Mitchell Theatre / Vilas
Waiting for Godot5/10-5/121979Experimental/Vilas
Candide4/26-4/291979Wisconsin Union Theatre
Iphegenia in Aulis4/19-4/211979Experimental/Vilas
A Moon for the Misbegotten3/29-4/1, 4/3-4/71979Ronald E. Mitchell Theatre / Vilas
The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe3/7-3/111979Experimental/Vilas
The Magistrate2/22-2/25, 2/28-3/31979Ronald E. Mitchell Theatre / Vilas
Spring's Awakening11/30-12/3, 12/6-12/91978Ronald E. Mitchell Theatre / Vilas
The Miracle Worker11/1-11/51978Experimental/Vilas
The Merry Wives of Windsor10/12-10/14, 10/18-10/211978Ronald E. Mitchell Theatre / Vilas
Throne of Straw7/20-7/22, 7/25-7/27, 8/4-8/51978Ronald E. Mitchell Theatre / Vilas
Barnaby Sweet7/6-7/8, 7/14, 7/28, 8/2-8/31978Ronald E. Mitchell Theatre / Vilas
Mackerel6/28-7/1, 7/11-7/13, 7/29, 8/11978Ronald E. Mitchell Theatre / Vilas
Waiting for Godot5/11-5/131978Experimental/Vilas
The Tales of Hoffmann4/27-4/291978Wisconsin Union Theatre
Juno and the Paycock3/2-3/5, 3/8-3/111978Ronald E. Mitchell Theatre / Vilas
Magical Faces2/22-2/261978Experimental/Vilas
Arms and the Man12/7-12/101977Experimental/Vilas
The Cherry Orchard12/1-12/4, 12/7-12/101977
Tom Sawyer11/16-11/201977Experimental/Vilas
The Stranger10/13-10/16, 10/19-10/221977Ronald E. Mitchell Theatre / Vilas
Black Comedy10/13-10/16, 10/19-10/221977Ronald E. Mitchell Theatre / Vilas
Awake and Sing!9/28-10/11977Experimental/Vilas
Man is Man7/20-7/23, 7/30, 8/2-8/31977Ronald E. Mitchell Theatre / Vilas
The Exception and the Rule7/7-7/9, 7/13, 7/27-7/281977Ronald E. Mitchell Theatre / Vilas
The Threepenny Opera6/29-7/2, 7/14-7/16, 7/29, 8/4-8/61977Ronald E. Mitchell Theatre / Vilas
The Trojan Women5/5-5/8, 5/10-5/141977Ronald E. Mitchell Theatre / Vilas
Six Characters in Search of an Author3/17-3/20, 3/22-3/261977Ronald E. Mitchell Theatre / Vilas
The Marvelous Adventures of TYL3/10-3/131977Experimental/Vilas
The Doctor in Spite of Himself2/10-2/13, 2/15-2/191977Ronald E. Mitchell Theatre / Vilas
Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead12/2-12/5, 12/7-12/111976Ronald E. Mitchell Theatre / Vilas
Lear10/21-10/24, 10/27-10/301976Ronald E. Mitchell Theatre / Vilas
The Pied Piper of Hamelin10/13-10/171976Experimental/Vilas
After the Fall7/29-7/31, 8/5-8/71976Ronald E. Mitchell Theatre / Vilas
The White House Murder Case7/15-7/17, 7/22-7/241976Ronald E. Mitchell Theatre / Vilas
Kennedy's Children7/1-7/3, 7/8-7/101976Ronald E. Mitchell Theatre / Vilas
The Little Foxes5/6-5/9, 5/11-5/161976Ronald E. Mitchell Theatre / Vilas
Death of a Salesman4/7-4/11, 4/13-4/171976Ronald E. Mitchell Theatre / Vilas
Ah, Wilderness!3/4-3/7, 3/9-3/141976Ronald E. Mitchell Theatre / Vilas
Happy Birthday Us12/3-12/61975Ronald E. Mitchell Theatre / Vilas
Hot L Baltimore11/19-11/241975Experimental/Vilas
Oklahoma!11/5-11/81975Wisconsin Union Theatre
The Sandbox10/15-10/201975Experimental/Vilas
The American Dream10/15-10/201975Experimental/Vilas
The Contrast10/9-10/12, 10/15-10/181975Ronald E. Mitchell Theatre / Vilas
The Bald Soprano7/24-7/26, 7/31-8/21975Ronald E. Mitchell Theatre / Vilas
Come and Go7/24-7/26, 7/31-8/21975Ronald E. Mitchell Theatre / Vilas
That Championship Season7/10-7/12, 7/16-7/191975Ronald E. Mitchell Theatre / Vilas
Home6/26-6/28, 7/3-7/51975Ronald E. Mitchell Theatre / Vilas
Tom Paine5/1-5/41975Experimental/Vilas
An Enemy of the People4/24-4/27, 4/30-5/31975Thrust/Vilas
In Camera4/17-4/20, 4/23-4/261975Thrust/Vilas
A Cry of Players3/19-3/221975Experimental/Vilas
Pictures in the Hallway3/13-3/221975Thrust/Vilas
The Journey of the Fifth Horse2/13-2/16, 2/19-2/221975Thrust/Vilas
The Real Inspector HoundOctober1974Experimental/Vilas
Sweet Betsy from Pike11/21-11/241974Experimental/Vilas
The Devils11/14-11/161974Wisconsin Union Theatre
Love for Love10/3-10/6, 10/9-10/121974Thrust/Vilas
Two Revue Skethches & The Dumb Water (An Evening of Pinter Plays)9/19-9/211974Experimental/Vilas
One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest7/24-7/301974Experimental/Vilas
Two Revue Skethches & The Dumb Water (An Evening of Pinter Plays)7/10-7/141974Experimental/Vilas
In Good King Charles' Golden Days6/26-6/301974Experimental/Vilas
Twilight Crane4/25-4/301974Experimental/Vilas
Comings and Goings3/29-3/311974Experimental/Vilas
Waiting for Godot3/21-3/24, 3/27-3/301974Thrust/Vilas
The Brig3/7-3/10, 3/13-3/161974Experimental/Vilas
The Clandestine Marriage2/7-2/10, 2/13-2/161974Thrust/Vilas
The Homecoming12/5-12/91973Experimental/Vilas
The Grand Duchess of Gerolstein11/29-12/2, 12/5-12/81973Thrust/Vilas
A Delicate Balance10/25-10/28, 10/31-11/31973Thrust/Vilas
Circus Magic10/24-10/281973Experimental/Vilas
A Flea in her Ear10/4-10/61973Wisconsin Union Theatre
Miss Julie7/19-7/22, 7-27-7/281973Thrust/Vilas
Ardele7/11-7/14, 7/25-7/261973Thrust/Vilas
USO Show - A Musical Medley Designed for the Caribbean - Friends6/28-6/30, 7/4-7/61973Thrust/Vilas
Artists for the Revolution4/4-4/81973Experimental/Vilas
The Typists and the Tiger3/14-3/181973Experimental/Vilas
Sergeant Musgrave's Dance3/8-3/10, 3/15-3/171973Thrust/Vilas
And the Old Man had Two Sons2/21-2/251973Experimental/Vilas
The School for Wives2/15-2/17, 2/22-2/241973Thrust/Vilas
Richard III11/16-11/181972Main Stage
The Thwarting of Baron Bolligrew11/3-11/5, 11/10-11/121972Experimental/Vilas
A Midsummer Night's Dream10/11-10/161972Experimental/Vilas
The Matchmaker10/5-10/71972Main Stage
Ernest in Love7/13-7/16, 7/18-7/19, 7/27-7/291972Compass
What the Butler Saw6/30-7/2, 7/6-7/8, 7/25-7/261972Compass
A Hatful of Rain6/21-6/24, 7/4-7/5, 7/20-7/221972Compass
The Father Returns/Asian Stage Production5/11-5/161972Compass
The Merchant of Venice4/21-4/22, 4/28-4/291972Main Stage
The Serpent3/9-3/141972Compass
Jimmy Shine12/9-12/141971Compass
Guys and Dolls12/3-12/4, 12/10-12/111971Main Stage
Juno and the Paycock11/18-11/231971Compass
Alice in Wonderland10/28-10/31, 11/1-11/21971Compass
The Bacchae10/14-10/191971Compass
Little Mary Sunshine7/21-7/24, 7/30-7/31, 8/3-8/4, 8/11-8/12, 8/20-8/211971Compass
Ten Little Indians7/8-7/10, 7/15-7/17, 8/5-8/6, 8/12, 8/14, 8/171971Compass
Little Murders7/1-7/4, 7/13-7/14, 7/28-7/29, 8/7, 8/9-8/10, 8/181971Compass
The Heiress5/13-5/181971Compass
Pericles, Prince of Tyre5/7-5/8, 5/14-5/151971Main Stage
Garden District ("Suddently Last Summer" & "Something Unspoken")4/1-4/61971Compass
Hay Fever3/26-3/27, 4/2-4/31971Main Stage
Hedda Gabler3/11-3/161971Compass
The Most Happy Fella2/26-2/27, 3/4-3/61971Main Stage
Fortune and Men's Eyes12/10-12/151970Compass
La Turista12/4-12/5, 12/9-12/121970Main Stage
You Know I Can't Hear You When the Water's Running11/19-11/241970Compass
King Lear11/5-11/101970Compass
Tartuffe10/30-10/31, 11/6-11/71970Main Stage
Hail, Scrawdyke!7/1-7/4, 7/9-7/11, 7/22-7/23, 7/31-8/1, 8/4, 8/12-8/131970Compass
Endgame6/24-6/26, 7/7-7/8, 7/29-7/30, 8/7-8/8, 8/111970Compass
Camino Real5/8-5/9, 5/13-5/161970Main Stage
Bell, Rock and Candle4/22-4/25, 4/30-5/21970Compass
Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?4/10-4/11, 4/15-4/181970Main Stage
The Time of Your Life3/12-3/15, 3/19-3/221970Compass
The Recruiting Officer2/20-2/21, 2/25-2/281970Main Stage
SpriditisMay1969Play Circle
The Three Sisters12/5-12/6, 12/10-12/131969Main Stage
The Physicists11/13-11/15, 11/19-11/221969Compass
My Fair Lady10/24-10/25, 10/29-11/11969Main Stage
Antigone10/9-10/11, 10/16-10/181969Compass
Luv8/6-8/91969Main Stage
The Birthday Party7/23-7/261969Main Stage
An Italian Straw Hat7/9-7/121969Main Stage
Brecht on Brecht5/2-5/2, 5/8-5/101969Main Stage
The Trojan Women3/21-3/23, 3/27-3/291969Main Stage
The Knack2/21-23, 2/27-3/11969Main Stage
Oedipus Rex2/6-2/81969Main Stage
The Swaggering Soldier12/17-12/181968Play Circle
Henry IV12/6-12/8, 12/12-12/141968Main Stage
Tracy's Tiger11/19-11/201968Play Circle
The Prodigal11/13-11/161968Compass
Twelfth Night10/25-10/27, 10/31-11/21968Main Stage
Viet Rock8/?1968Compass
The Importance of Being Earnest8/?1968Compass
A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum8/7-8/101968Main Stage
Tiny Alice7/24-7/271968Main Stage
You Can't Take it With You7/10-7/131968Main Stage
Julius Caesar5/3-5/5, 5/9-5/111968Main Stage
The Balcony3/29-3/31, 4/4-4/61968Main Stage
Camelot3/1-3/3, 3/7-3/91968Main Stage
Salome2/20-2/211968Play Circle
To the Nativity12/1-12/3, 12/7-12/91967Main Stage
Marat/Sade10/27-10/29, 11/2-11/41967Main Stage
Ring Round the Moon8/4-8/71966Main Stage
Michael Kramer7/26-7/271966Play Circle
The Country Wife7/21-7/241966Main Stage
The Boyfriend7/7-7/101966Main Stage
Hamlet5/2-5/71966Main Stage
Pelleas and Melisande4/27-4/301966Compass
Arms and the Man3/28-4/21966Main Stage
The Three Sisters3/16-3/191966Play Circle
Gypsy3/7-3/121966Main Stage
The Silent Trumpet2/23-2/241966Play Circle
Regina (based on "Little Foxes")August1965Compass
Hamlet12/15-12/161965Play Circle
Little Eyolf12/6-12/111965Main Stage
The Threepenny Opera11/17-11/201965Compass
Lord of the Flies11/1-11/61965Main Stage
Twilight Crane8/5-8/71965Main Stage
Noah7/22-7/241965Main Stage
The School for Wives7/14-7/171965
The World of Carl Sandburg7/8-7/101965Main Stage
The Summer of the Seventeenth Doll6/24-6/261965Main Stage
Born Yesterday5/181965Play Reading
Death of a Salesman5/11-5/151965Main Stage
The Student Prince4/6-4/101965Main Stage
The Birthday Party3/8-3/131965Main Stage
The Firebugs2/24-2/251965Play Circle
The Sport of my Mad Mother12/16-12/171964Play Circle
The Rhinoceros12/8-12/121964Main Stage
Women at the Tomb11/18-11/211964Compass
The Chronicles of Hell11/18-11/211964Compass
Desire Under the Elms11/171964Play Reading
Macbeth11/4-11/71964Main Stage
End of Summer10/21-10/221964Play Circle
The Turn of the Screw8/6-8/81964Main Stage
A Clearing in the Woods7/30-8/11964Compass
The Miser7/23-7/251964Main Stage
From Beowulf to Virginia Woolf7/21-7/221964Play Reading
Bus Stop7/9-7/111964Main Stage
Six Characters in Search of an Author6/25-6/271964Main Stage
Anatol12/18-12/191963Play Circle
Falstaff (from "Henry IV" & "Henry V")11/13-11/141963Play Circle
Androcles and the Lion10/22-10/261963Main Stage
The Consul8/8-8/101963Main Stage
The Murder in the Red Barn7/25-7/271963Main Stage
The Caretaker7/11-7/131963Main Stage
Much Ado about Nothing6/27-6/291963
Two Worlds to Conquer5/15-5/161963Play Circle
Abel Overcast5/15-5/161963Play Circle
Harp Without Strings5/15-5/161963Play Circle
Chameleons5/13-5/141963Play Circle
A Peacetime Episode5/13-5/141963Play Circle
Harvey5/7-5/111963Main Stage
The Joke and the Valley5/5-5/91963Main Stage
Time Remembered4/21-4/251963Main Stage
Uncle Vanya4/2-4/61963Main Stage
A Cat Has Not Always Carnival3/18-3/191963Play Circle
The Birds3/13-3/141963Play Circle
The Putting Green3/13-3/141963Play Circle
Wonderful Town3/4-3/91963Main Stage
West Side Story3/2-3/71963Main Stage
The Indian Captive12/19-12/211962
Volpone12/10-12/141962Main Stage
Galileo12/4-12/81962Main Stage
The Dock Brief11/201962Play Reading
Royal Gambit11/14-11/151962Play Circle
A Resounding Tinkle11/14-11/151962Play Circle
The Road to Damascus10/31-11/11962Play Circle
The Rivals10/30-10/311962Play Circle
Zoo Story10/23-10/271962Main Stage
Hard Times10/22-10/261962Main Stage
The Servant of Two Masters8/2-8/41962Main Stage
The Male Animal7/19-7/211962Main Stage
Under Milkwood7/12-7/141962Main Stage
Caine Mutiny Court-Martial6/28-6/301962Main Stage
Hark the Herald Angel5/9-5/101962Play Circle
The Brave Man with a Sword5/9-5/101962Play Circle
Fine Print5/9-5/101962Play Circle
The Maid's Tragedy4/11-4/121962Play Circle
Mister Roberts4/10-4/141962Main Stage
The Jew of Malta2/27-2/281962Play Reading
The Gondoliers2/26-3/31962Main Stage
Ah, Wilderness!12/13-12/141961Play Circle
The Bridge of San Luis Ray11/14-11/181961Main Stage
The Merchant of Venice11/8-11/91961Play Circle
The Dybbuk10/24-10/281961Main Stage
The Elder Statesman10/181961Play Reading
The Contrast7/26-7/271961Play Circle
Summer and Smoke7/20-7/221961Main Stage
Romanoff and Juliet7/13-7/151961Main Stage
A View from the Bridge6/29-7/11961Main Stage
The Visit5/91961Play Reading
Major Barbara5/5-5/91961Main Stage
The Mermaid Tavern5/2-5/61961Main Stage
Cat on a Hot Tin Roof4/26-4/271961Play Circle
Raison D'Etre4/26-4/271961Play Circle
The Bamboo Rocker4/26-4/271961Play Circle
Yes is for a Very Young Man3/21-3/251961Main Stage
Kiss Me Kate3/15-3/161961Play Circle
The Prodigal2/27-3/41961Main Stage
Tartuffe2/141961Play Reading
The Sacrifice of Isaac12/14-12/151960Play Circle
Purgatory12/14-12/151960Play Circle
The Runaway12/14-12/151960Play Circle
The Living Room12/6-12/101960Main Stage
Candide11/151960Play Reading
Our Town11/9-11/101960Play Circle
Shakuntala10/26-10/271960Play Circle
Antigone10/26-10/271960Play Circle
An Evening of Mime10/26-10/271960Play Circle
Family Reunion10/18-10/221960Main Stage
The Time of Your Life8/4-8/61960Main Stage
Charley's Aunt8/3-8/51960Main Stage
Easter8/21960Play Circle
Picnic7/27-7/281960Play Circle
The House of Bernarda Alba7/21-7/231960Main Stage
The Waltz of the Toreadors7/14-7/161960Main Stage
Hale and Hardy6/30-7/21960Main Stage
Measure for Measure5/10-5/141960Main Stage
The Great Sebastians5/4-5/51960Play Circle
Crossroad5/4-5/51960Play Circle
The March of the Gladiators5/4-5/51960Play Circle
The Devil and Daniel Webster4/101960TV
The Triumph of the Egg4/5-4/91960Main Stage
Down in the Valley3/221960Play Reading
Cyrano de Bergerac3/16-3/171960Play Circle
Krapp's Last Tape2/29-3/51960Main Stage
How He Lied to Her Husband2/29-3/51960Main Stage
Moony's Kids Don't Cry2/231960Play Reading
Man with the Flower in his Mouth12/16-12/171959Play Circle
The Lesson12/16-12/171959Play Circle
Passion, Poison and Pertifaction12/8-12/121959Main Stage
A Forth for Bridge10/28-10/291959Play Circle
Dark of the Moon10/28-10/291959Play Reading
The West Chamber10/28-10/291959Play Circle
The Boy with a Cart10/20-10/241959Main Stage
Visit to a Small Planet10/7-10/81959Play Circle
The Glass Menagerie8/6-8/81959Main Stage
The Cocktail8/41959Play Reading
Two Gentlemen of Verona7/30-8/11959Main Stage
The Corn is Green7/16-7/181959Main Stage
Detective Story7/2-7/41959Main Stage
The Importance of Being Earnest5/13-5/141959Play Circle
The Food of Love5/13-5/141959Play Circle
A Little Rebellion5/13-5/141959Play Circle
To the Dogs5/5-5/91959Main Stage
Oklahoma!4/301959Play Reading
William Tell4/21-4/251959Main Stage
The Apollo of Bellac3/181959TV
Lord Byron's Love Letter3/101959Play Reading
The World of Shalom Aleichem2/23-2/281959Main Stage
Miss Julie12/17-12/181958Play Circle
Tiger at the Gates12/161958TV
Five Sides of a Square12/141958Play Reading
The Bald Soprano12/9-12/131958Main Stage
Tea12/41958Play Reading
Under Milkwood12/41958Play Reading
Three Sisters Who Are Not Sisters11/171958Main Stage
Ghosts11/12-11/131958Play Circle
All that Fall11/12-11/131958Play Circle
In a Garden11/12-11/131958Play Circle
Ghosts10/22-10/231958Play Circle
La Ronde10/22-10/231958Play Circle
The Relapse10/21-10/251958Main Stage
David and Absalom10/8-10/91958Play Circle
The Beaux Stratagem8/14-8/161958Main Stage
Misalliance8/121958Play Reading
The Staring Match8/6-8/71958Play Circle
There Shall Be No Night7/31-8/21958Main Stage
The Bad Seed7/24-7/261958Main Stage
The Teahouse of the August Moon7/10-7/121958Main Stage
Heartbreak House5/21-5/221958Play Circle
Roonis5/21-5/221958Play Circle
Judas5/21-5/221958Play Circle
The Long Wake5/6-5/101958Main Stage
Mary Stuart5/11958Play Reading
Sir John in Love (from "Merry Wives of Windsor"4/291958Main Stage
Shadow and Substance3/301958Play Reading
Sotoba Komachi3/24-3/291958Main Stage
Thieves' Carnival3/4-3/81958Main Stage
Three Men on a Horse3/4-3/51958Play Circle
Village Wooing2/26-2/271958Play Circle
Selected Play Readings1/141958Play Reading
Kismet12/18-12/191957Play Circle
I Rise in Flame, Cried the Phoenix12/18-12/191957Play Circle
Bedside Story12/18-12/191957Play Circle
The Caucasian Chalk Circle12/151957Play Reading
All's Well that Ends Well12/10-12/141957Main Stage
The Highbrow Ladies11/261957TV
Gammer Gurton's Needle11/13-11/141957Play Circle
The Thirteen Clocks10/29-11/21957Main Stage
Four Portraits of Dramatic Heroism10/16-10/171957Play Circle
The Bottle Imp10/16-10/171957Play Circle
Electra10/16-10/171957Play Circle
The Hairy Ape8/15-8/171957Main Stage
The Boat Without a Haster8/7-8/81957Play Circle
The Tender Trap8/1-8/31957Main Stage
Montserrat7/25-7/271957Main Stage
The Pursuit of Happiness7/11-7/131957Main Stage
Sepang Loca5/22-5/231957Play Circle
Excuse Me, Pardon Me5/22-5/231957Play Circle
Night of Mourning5/22-5/231957Play Circle
Elizabeth the Queen5/14-5/181957Main Stage
Blood Wedding4/111957Play Reading
Morning's at Seven4/9-4/131957Main Stage
The Plough and the Stars3/20-3/211957Play Circle
Tom Thumb3/12-3/161957Main Stage
The Long Voyage Home2/11-2/121957Play Reading
Hedda Gabler12/19-12/201956Play Circle
Helena's Husband12/19-12/201956Play Circle
The Other One12/19-12/201956Play Circle
The Great God Brown12/161956TV
Of Thee I Sing12/11-12/151956Main Stage
Maggie of the Bargin Basement11/13-11/151956Play Circle
Box and Cox10/29-11/31956Main Stage
The Man Who Would be Sick10/17-10/181956Play Circle
The Shoemaker's House10/17-10/181956Play Circle
Death of a Salesman8/9-8/101956Main Stage
Outside the Door8/1-8/21956Play Circle
The First Mrs. Fraser7/26-7/281956Main Stage
The Critic7/19-7/211956Main Stage
The Dark Lady of the Sonnets7/19-7/211956Main Stage
The Rain Maker7/5-7/71956Main Stage
The Love of Charlie Jarvie5/16-5/171956Play Circle
The Graduation of the Landgravine5/16-5/171956Play Circle
The Fifth Season5/1-5/51956Main Stage
As You Like It4/291956TV
Desire Under the Elms3/20-3/241956Main Stage
Trial by Jury3/14-3/151956Play Circle
The Exception and the Rule2/27-3/31956Main Stage
Gianni Schicchi2/27-3/31956Main Stage
Maker of Dreams12/14-12/151955Play Circle
Dial "M" for Murder12/14-12/151955Play Circle
Bartholomew Fair12/14-12/151955Play Circle
The Stranger12/6-12/101955Main Stage
A Perfectly Good Alley12/51955Play Reading
The Dark Lady of the Sonnets12/41955TV
The End of the Beginning11/16-11/171955Play Circle
Impasse10/25-10/291955Main Stage
The Resurrection of Christ10/11-10/121955Play Circle
The Search10/11-10/121955Play Circle
Selections from "Tazore and the People, Yes"10/11-10/121955Play Circle
My Three Angels8/11-8/131955Main Stage
The Grass Harp8/3-8/41955Play Circle
Candida7/28-7/301955Main Stage
The Master Builder7/21-7/231955Main Stage
Yes, M'Lord7/7-7/91955Main Stage
Imitation Friday5/18-5/191955Play Circle
A Physical Phenomenon5/18-5/191955Play Circle
The Moonmade Path5/18-5/191955Play Circle
The School for Scandal5/10-5/141955Main Stage
The Crucible4/31955TV
Pelleas and Melisande3/29-4/21955Main Stage
Annie Get Your Gun3/16-3/171955Play Circle
The Confidential Clerk2/28-3/51955Main Stage
The Ascent of 7612/15-12/161954Play Circle
Julius Caesar12/15-12/161954Play Circle
A Midsummer Night's Dream12/121954TV
The Innocents12/7-12/111954Main Stage
Many Moons12/41954TV
Lord Byron's Love Letter11/17-11/181954Play Circle
The Epidemic10/26-10/301954Main Stage
The Hill District10/12-10/131954Play Circle
Medea10/12-10/131954Play Circle
Aria da Capo10/12-10/131954Play Circle
Emperor Jones8/12-8/141954Main Stage
The First Distiller8/4-8/51954Play Circle
The Ascent of 768/4-8/51954Play Circle
Suspect7/22-7/241954Main Stage
Gigi7/8-7/101954Main Stage
An Aesthetic Endeavor5/19-5/201954Play Circle
The Naked Eye5/19-5/201954Play Circle
Wind of Tomorrow5/19-5/201954Play Circle
The Adding Machine5/11-5/151954Main Stage
The Happy Time5/2-5/61954Main Stage
Summer and Smoke4/13-4/141954Play Circle
Bitter Sweet3/29-4/31954Main Stage
Before Breakfast3/16-3/171954Play Circle
The Play of the Weather3/16-3/171954Play Circle
Present Laughter1954Main Stage
The Shadow of a Gunman12/15-12/161953Play Circle
The Cherry Orchard12/8-12/121953Main Stage
Antigone11/17-11/181953Play Circle
The Pied Piper of Hamelin11/17-11/181953Play Circle
Bell, Book and Candle10/20-10/241953Main Stage
Mr. Sherman is Coming10/13-10/141953Play Circle
The Land of Heart's Desire10/13-10/141953Play Circle
A Stroll in Hexagous10/13-10/141953Play Circle
Born Yesterday8/13-8/151953Main Stage
The Playboy of the Western World7/30-7/311953Main Stage
Mrs. Warren's Profession7/23-7/251953Main Stage
Affairs of State7/9-7/111953Main Stage
Saturday Starts at Six5/20-5/211953Play Circle
Ain't War Hell5/20-5/211953Play Circle
Hippolytus4/28-4/30, 5/6-5/71953
Hamlet4/15-4/161953Play Circle
The Provok'd Wife3/31-4/41953Main Stage
We People on the Pavement3/20-3/211953Play Circle
Smoke-Screens3/16-3/171953Play Circle
Time to Go3/10-3/111953Play Circle
The Hungerers3/10-3/111953Play Circle
The Farewell Supper3/10-3/111953Play Circle
Fall of the City3/3-3/71953
No Exit3/3-3/71953Main Stage
Madchen in Uniform12/16-12/171952Play Circle
Billy Budd12/9-12/131952Main Stage
The Glass Menagerie11/18-11/191952Play Circle
Old Acquaintance11/11-11/151952Main Stage
Caesar and Cleopatra10/21-10/251952Main Stage
Dance Interlude10/14-10/151952Play Circle
A Phoenix Too Frequent10/14-10/151952Play Circle
Incident in Company B10/14-10/151952Play Circle
Aladdin8/14-8/161952Main Stage
Six Characters in Search of an Author8/12-8/131952Play Circle
Room Service7/31-8/21952Main Stage
Come Back Little Sheba7/24-7/261952Main Stage
Rain7/10-7/131952Main Stage
Wind on the River5/20-5/211952Play Circle
Thunder in the Hills5/20-5/211952
Some Other Time5/20-5/211952Play Circle
King John5/13-5/171952Main Stage
The Neighborhood4/8-4/91952Play Circle
Uncle Harry4/1-4/51952Main Stage
Overruled3/18-3/191952Play Circle
Hello Out There3/18-3/191952Play Circle
Cathleen Ni Houlihan3/18-3/191952Play Circle
The Madwoman of Chaillot3/4-3/81952Main Stage
Shadow and Substance12/18-12/191951Play Circle
The Marriage Proposal12/16-12/171951Play Circle
The Hunted (from "Mourning Becomes Electra")12/11-12/151951Main Stage
The House of Bernarda Alba11/13-11/141951Play Circle
Hay Fever10/30-11/31951Main Stage
Miss Julie10/16-10/171951Play Circle
The Blind10/16-10/171951Play Circle
Three Fables from our Time10/161951Play Circle
Light up the Sky8/9-8/111951Main Stage
A Murder has been Arranged8/2-8/41951Main Stage
Uncle Vanya7/25-7/261951Play Circle
Love's Labours Lost7/19-7/211951Main Stage
The Heiress (from the novel "Washington Square")7/5-7/71951Main Stage
The Bell5/22-5/231951Play Circle
Something Human5/22-5/231951Play Circle
A Time of Change5/22-5/231951Play Circle
Goodbye my Fancy5/8-5/121951Main Stage
The Bridal Gown4/10-4/111951Play Circle
Ethan Frome3/27-3/311951Main Stage
Where the Cross is Made3/13-3/141951Play Circle
The No 'Count Boy3/13-3/141951Play Circle
The Purification3/13-3/141951Play Circle
The Second Shepherd's Play2/27-3/31951Main Stage
Murder in the Cathedral2/27-3/31951Main Stage
There are Crimes and Crimes12/12-12/131950Play Circle
The Bartered Bride12/4-12/91950Main Stage
Medea11/14-11/151950Play Circle
The Maid as Mistress11/14-11/151950Play Circle
The Male Animal10/24-10/281950Main Stage
Fummed Oak10/17-10/181950Play Circle
The Dark Lady of the Sonnets10/17-10/181950Play Circle
Riders to the Sea10/17-10/181950Play Circle
The Second Mass8/10-8/121950Main Stage
Family Reunion8/8-8/91950Play Circle
Is Life Worth Living7/20-7/221950Main Stage
Idiot's Delight7/6-7/81950Main Stage
Manhattan Hermit5/16-5/171950Play Circle
Edi5/16-5/171950Play Circle
No Carbon Paper5/16-5/171950Play Circle
Peer Gynt5/2-5/61950Main Stage
Naked4/4-4/51950Play Circle
The Swan3/28-4/11950Main Stage
Anatol3/14-3/151950Play Circle
A Sunny Morning3/14-3/151950Play Circle
The Telephone2/28-3/41950Main Stage
The Soul of a Professor2/28-3/41950Main Stage
Still Life2/28-3/41950Main Stage
Right You Are1950Main Stage
The Father12/13-12/141949Play Circle
Fixin's12/13-12/141949Play Circle
Awake and Sing!11/29-12/31949Main Stage
The Duchess of Malfi11/8-11/91949Play Circle
The Devil's Disciple10/25-10/291949Main Stage
Hawk A Flyin'10/13-10/141949Play Circle
Twenty Seven Wagons Full of Cotton10/13-10/141949Play Circle
Napoleon Crossing the Rockies10/11-10/121949Play Circle
Mother10/11-10/121949Play Circle
The Philadelphia Story8/11-8/131949Main Stage
No Exit7/26-7/271949Play Circle
Lady of Larkspur Lotion7/26-7/271949Play Circle
Antigone7/21-7/231949Main Stage
An Inspector Calls7/7-7/91949Main Stage
Take One Away5/18-5/191949Play Circle
Man and Wife5/18-5/191949Play Circle
James5/18-5/191949Play Circle
Bite the Dust5/9-5/141949Main Stage
The Beautiful People4/13-4/141949Play Circle
The Shoemaker's House4/4-4/91949Main Stage
River Boat3/7-3/121949
Bastien & Bastienne2/16-2/171949Play Circle
The Theatre of the Soul2/16-2/171949Play Circle
Trial by Jury2/16-2/171949Play Circle
The Merchant of Yonkers12/15-12/161948Play Circle
The Tragedy of Man12/6-12/101948Main Stage
Private Hicks11/10-11/111948Play Circle
Mr. Sherman is Coming10/25-10/301948Main Stage
Hands Across the Sea10/13-10/141948Play Circle
Dance Choruses from "Murder in the Cathedral"8/17-8/181948Play Circle
Lincoln Reckons Up8/17-8/181948Play Reading
Subway Circus8/17-8/181948Play Circle
Ode to Liberty8/12-8/141948
Volpone7/28-7/291948Play Circle
Years Ago7/22-7/241948Main Stage
All my Sons7/8-7/101948Main Stage
The Chair5/19-5/201948Play Circle
The Harmless Drifty Bad5/19-5/201948Play Circle
Family Scene5/19-5/201948Play Circle
Hands Across the Sea4/191948Great Hall
Across the Board on Tomorrow Morning4/191948Play Circle
The Love of Annunziata4/14-4/151948Play Circle
The Skin of our Teeth4/14-4/151948Play Circle
The Flies3/10-3/151948Main Stage
He Ain't Done Right by Nell3/8-3/131948Main Stage
Girl Crazy3/3-3/41948Play Circle
Amphitryon '383/3-3/41948Play Circle
The Shy and Lonely3/3-3/41948Play Circle
The Dear Departed3/3-3/41948Play Circle
The Dybbuk12/16-12/181947Play Circle
The Torch Bearers12/8-12/131947Main Stage
The Dark Lady of the Sonnets11/12-11/131947Play Circle
The Doctor in Spite of Himself10/27-11/11947Main Stage
The Circle10/22-10/231947Play Circle
Joan of Lorraine10/22-10/231947Play Circle
Swan Song10/22-10/231947Play Circle
The Way of the World8/17-8/181947Play Circle
A Dream Play8/6-8/91947Main Stage
Wine, Benito, Wine7/30-8/21947Main Stage
The Long Voyage Home7/16-7/181947Main Stage
Incident7/9-7/101947Play Circle
Miss Szold7/9-7/101947Play Circle
My Sister Eileen7/2-7/51947Main Stage
Alma Mater6/18-6/191947Play Circle
The Vagabond King4/23-4/241947Play Circle
R.U.R.4/23-4/241947Play Circle
Christmas Shopping4/23-4/241947Play Circle
Second Overture4/2-4/31947Play Circle
Ruddigore3/18-3/221947Main Stage
The Wandering Scholar from Paradise3/12-3/131947Play Circle
The Second Mrs. Tanqueray3/12-3/131947Play Circle
The Hairy Ape3/12-3/131947Play Circle
Golden Boy3/12-3/131947Play Circle
Aria da Capo2/24-3/11947Main Stage
Hyacinth Halvey2/4-2/81947Main Stage
Angel Street12/10-12/141946Main Stage
The Little Foxes11/27-11/281946Play Circle
The Damask Cheek11/5-11/91946Main Stage
Blithe Spirit10/30-10/311946Play Circle
Murder in the Cathedral10/30-10/311946Play Circle
Miracle of St. Anthony10/30-10/311946Play Circle
The Four P's10/15-10/191946Main Stage
The Second Shepherd's Play8/7-8/101946Main Stage
Red Peppers7/31-8/31946Main Stage
The Intruder7/24-7/251946Play Circle
Hello Out There7/24-7/251946Play Circle
Of Thee I Sing7/17-7/201946Main Stage
Androcles and the Lion7/10-7/111946Play Circle
Man of Destiny7/10-7/111946Play Circle
Romeo and Juliet7/3-7/61946Main Stage
She Stoops to Conquer5/1-5/21946Play Circle
Anna Christie4/25-4/261946Play Circle
Literature4/24-4/251946Play Circle
Birds have Nests4/24-4/251946Play Circle
Helena's Husband4/2-4/61946Main Stage
The Inspector General3/20-3/231946Main Stage
Winsome Winine3/6-3/91946Main Stage
Waiting for Lefty3/6-3/91946Main Stage
Arms and the Man12/12-12/151945Main Stage
The Boor11/22-11/241945Main Stage
Engaged11/1-11/31945Main Stage
Papa is All8/10-8/111945Main Stage
The Guardsman7/27-7/281945Main Stage
Karamora7/25-7/261945Play Circle
The Comic Slip7/25-7/261945
The Children's Hour7/20-7/211945Main Stage
The Marriage Proposal5/231945Play Circle
Double Door5/2-5/31945Play Circle
Spring Time for Henry5/2-5/31945Play Circle
Twelfth Night4/26-4/281945Main Stage
Will-o-the-Wisp4/5-4/71945Main Stage
The Glory of Children3/28-3/291945Play Circle
Winterset3/28-3/291945Play Circle
The Man Who Married a Dumb Wife3/28-3/291945Play Circle
Orpheus and Eurydice3/8-3/101945Main Stage
End of the Circle2/22-2/241945Main Stage
The Comedy of Errors2/22-2/241945Main Stage
Deathex takes a Holiday12/20-12/211944Play Circle
He Who Gets Slapped12/20-12/211944Play Circle
Claudia12/20-12/211944Play Circle
The Drunkard12/14-12/161944Main Stage
Personal Appearance11/23-11/251944Main Stage
Night Must Fall10/26-10/281944Main Stage
Before Breakfast8/11-8/121944Main Stage
The Last Mrs. Blakely7/28-7/291944Main Stage
The Warrior's Husband7/21-7/221944Main Stage
Little Granny Graver7/7-7/81944Main Stage
The Boors4/20-4/221944Main Stage
King Lear3/31-4/11944Main Stage
There's Always Juliet3/31-4/11944Main Stage
Bedside Manner3/31-4/11944Main Stage
The Happy Journey from Trenton to Camdon3/31-4/11944Main Stage
The Twelve Pound Look3/9-3/111944Main Stage
Letters to Lucerne2/18-2/191944Main Stage
The Farewell SupperMay1943Play Circle
The StrangerMay1943Play Circle
The Marriage ProposalMay1943Play Circle
Berkley Square12/15-12/171943Play Circle
The Silver Cord12/15-12/171943Play Circle
Georgia on my Mind12/15-12/171943Play Circle
Ring of Death12/15-12/171943Play Circle
Beer Barrel Polka12/2-12/41943Main Stage
My Heart's In The Highlands11/11-11/131943Main Stage
Dance Drama11/2-11/41943Play Circle
The Late Christopher Bean11/2-11/41943Play Circle
Candida11/2-11/41943Play Circle
A Midsummer Night's Dream10/21-10/231943Main Stage
St. Joan7/23-7/241943Main Stage
Pride and Prejudice7/16-7/171943Main Stage
The Man Who Came to Dinner7/9-7/101943Main Stage
A Matter of Husbands6/25-6/261943Main Stage
The Gaol Gate4/20-4/221943Play Circle
The Genius4/8-4/101943Main Stage
Fummed Oak4/8-4/101943Main Stage
Ghosts3/18-3/201943Main Stage
Cradle Song2/25-2/271943Main Stage
The Man Who Would be Sick12/10-12/121942Main Stage
Ways and Means12/1-12/31942Play Circle
A Bill of Divorcement11/12-11/151942Main Stage
The Importance of Being Earnest11/3-11/51942Play Circle
Set it in Troy11/3-11/51942Play Circle
Village Green10/22-10/241942Main Stage
How Long Is Three Minutes?7/30-7/311942Main Stage
Tired Wings7/30-7/311942Main Stage
The Man Who Would be Sick7/23-7/241942Main Stage
George Washington Slept Here7/23-7/241942Play Circle
Knickerbocker Holiday7/16-7/171942Main Stage
Once There Were Three7/2-7/31942Main Stage
The Critic5/14-5/161942Main Stage
Hippolytes5/13-5/141942Play Circle
Jouney To Jerusalem5/6-5/71942Play Circle
Riders To The Sea5/6-5/71942Play Circle
The Death of Tingales5/6-5/71942Play Circle
Katie And The Monk4/15-4/161942Play Circle
Lost Harbor4/15-4/161942Play Circle
Tea Is for Teacher4/8-4/111942Main Stage
According to Law3/25-3/281942Main Stage
Private Lives3/25-3/281942Main Stage
Camille3/3-3/61942Main Stage
What Every Woman Knows2/25-2/261942Play Circle
Dracula2/25-2/261942Play Circle
Sunday Costs Five Pesos2/25-2/261942Play Circle
And We Paid The Piper12/10-12/131941Main Stage
Why I Am A Bachelor11/19-11/201941Play Circle
Twentieth Century Lulabye11/19-11/201941Play Circle
The Wingless Victory11/19-11/201941Play Circle
Fashion11/19-11/201941Play Circle
Ladies In Retirement11/12-11/151941Main Stage
No Boots In Bed10/21-10/22, 10/251941Main Stage
Pelleas And Melisande8/1-8/21941Play Circle
Occupational Symphony7/31-8/11941Main Stage
Listening7/24-7/251941Main Stage
The Beggar's Opera7/17-7/181941Main Stage
The Leader7/3-7/41941Main Stage
Dark Victory5/16-5/17, 5/241941Play Circle
George And Margaret5/16-5/17, 5/241941Main Stage
Stop Over5/9-5/101941Play Circle
Family Portrait5/9-5/101941Play Circle
I Hate Mumbly Peg5/6-5/71941Play Circle
The Quack Docte5/6-5/1941Play Circle
Her Husband's Ghost4/15-4/161941Play Circle
The Playboy of the Western World4/15-4/161941Main Stage
Libel4/9-4/101941Play Circle
Birdie in Hand4/8, 4/10, 4/121941Main Stage
John Gabriel Borkman3/27-3/281941Play Circle
Funereal3/27-3/281941Play Circle
The Pursuit Of Happiness3/19-3/221941Main Stage
It Might Happen to You3/5-3/81941Main Stage
The Devil Passes12/10-12/141940Main Stage
The Show Off11/10-11/111940Play Circle
Biography11/10-11/111940Play Circle
Noah11/10-11/111940Play Circle
The Jest11/6-11/91940Main Stage
My Heart's In The Highlands10/23-10/261940Main Stage
The Merry Wives of Windsor7/25-7/261940Main Stage
The Girls7/17-7/181940Main Stage
One From Five7/11-7/121940Main Stage
The Sunken Bell7/4-7/51940Main Stage
The World Waits6/27-6/281940Main Stage
Knightsbridge5/23-5/251940Play Circle
Our Town5/9-5/101940Play Circle
John Doe4/30-5/31940Play Circle
The Happy Journey Frm Trenton To Camdon4/30-5/31940Play Circle
The Concert4/9-4/121940Main Stage
The Medicine Show3/28-3/291940Play Circle
Stage Door3/13-3/16, 5/11, 5/181940Main Stage
The Merry Widow12/11, 12/13-161939Main Stage
The Ghost Sonata11/29-11/301939Play Circle
The Witch11/9-11/111939Main Stage
Father Malachy's Miracle10/25-10/281939Main Stage