Theatre and Drama Summer Courses Online

As UW-Madison has moved instruction for Summer term 2020 to remote learning, the Department of Theatre and Drama has tailored its courses accordingly. Explore the classes offered to advance your degree, expand your knowledge, and develop new skills for your toolkit.

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THEATRE 150- Acting I: Introduction to Acting

June 15-August 9, 3 Credits, Satisfies Core Theatre and Drama Major requirement
Provides a basic introduction to the craft of acting. Develops disciplines and tools of the actor as they relate to voice, movement, language skills, and engaging communication. Explores how actor training skills can be a benefit in a wide context of professional and personal endeavors.

Questions? Contact N’Jameh Camara

THEATRE 200- Acting Skills for Life

June 15-August 9, 2 Credits
Skills learned by actors in the theatre world can be applied to presentations and interactions in business, education, and beyond. Utilizing acting techniques traditionally used in theatre to enhance confidence and communication in interviews, presentations, elevator pitches, authentically connecting on a personal level with others, and how to avoid or better deal with stage fright.

Questions? Contact Clare Haden

THEATRE 219 (Lab 2)- Experiencing Theatre

June 29-August 9, 2 Credits, Satisfies Theatre 120 Theatre and Drama Major requirement
Live theatre influences the way we think and feel about our own lives and encourages us to take a hard look at ourselves, our values, and our behavior. This course will expose you to live theatrical performance (virtually this summer) to foster better appreciation for its complexities and cultural importance. As you explore multiple theatre forms and styles, you will discover why theatre brings people together. Through the use of critical analysis, you will learn to write and speak about live performance from various perspectives with appropriate style and disciplinary conventions.

Questions? Contact Dan Lisowski

THEATRE 219 (Lab 3)- HAMILTON: A Cultural Revolution

June 15-August 9, 3 Credits
HAMILTON has taken the country by storm! We’ll explore the show from a variety of perspectives: how it uses and challenges musical theatre traditions, tells a story of our past and reflects on the present, and is shaping the future of the entertainment industry. Includes lessons about the show plus access to historical documents that illuminate the story.

Questions? Contact Sarah Marty

THEATRE 219 (Lab 4)- Technicial Theatre Fundamentals

June 15-August 9, 2 Credits
Lecture Component of TD160. Theatre and Drama degree seeking students will need to complete the associated 219 practicum course during the following academic year. Learn how to mount a theatrical production. Through scenery, costumes, lighting, sound, and stage management explore the relationship between the technical components of the production process.

Questions? Contact Robert Wagner

THEATRE 329- Introduction to African-American Performance

June 15-August 9, 3 Credits, Satisfies University Ethnic Studies Requirement & Satisfies Theatre History elective Theatre and Drama Major requirement

Introduction to historical, social and political contexts of African-American artistic expression in theatre and performance. Offers critical analyses of theatre, films, and/or dance forms that reflect cultural values, ideologies and performance aesthetics rooted in African-American and West African traditions.

Questions? Contact Rachel Spurgers

Theatre 372: Set Design I

June 15-August 9, 3 Credits
Principles of composition, scale, perspective, and color applied to the stage; production of ground plans, elevations, sketches, and models.

Questions? Contact Shuxing Fan

Theatre 501: The Business of Acting

July 13-August 9, 3 Credits, Satisfies Core Theatre and Drama Acting Option requirement
Teaches actors the vital, non-performance skills and knowledge needed to launch professional acting careers. Knowledge of self-promoting, marketing, unions, networking, headshot/resumes, agents, casting directors, trade publications, and more will empower the actor and ease their transition into the professional world.

Questions?  Contact Jim Stauffer

There also may be some monetary support available for Theatre and Drama Students (including those seeking certificates). Contact Robin Fisher if you have any scholarship questions and/or if you have any issues enrolling in these classes.