Senior Erika Marks presents original play WOLF AND WOMAN 3/8

Senior Theatre major Erika Marks directs her original play WOLF AND WOMAN Friday March 8 at 6:30 PM in Vilas Room 4010 as her senior thesis. Here is an interview with Erika on her inspirations for the play:

Wolf and Woman 

By Erika K Marks

Red has just started her first year of college and moved in with a compassionate and cautious girl, Daisy. Their friendship buds instantly, but faces trials when Red becomes involved with the suave and controlling Hunter, while Daisy becomes interested in his seemingly compassionate friend, Cole. Hunter is the kind of man who can make anyone do anything, but is Red strong enough to stay true to herself? Hunter’s control reaches his friend and shadow, Cole, as he grooms him to follow in his deviant footsteps. Daisy attempts to pull Red from a path of mistakes in this dark short play that highlights an all too familiar experience for many of us.

Cast: Eddie Wondra, Brandon Steer, Mallory Lewis, Niko Alegria