Theatre and Drama Summer 2021 Courses and Scholarships

Join the Department of Theatre and Drama this summer for exciting and instructive opportunities, in-person and online. For more information on courses, including credit hours and session dates, and to enroll visit the UW Course Search and Enrollment page.
Scholarship funding is available to students in summer courses, up to $2,500 for applicants to UW campus scholarships and up to $1,250 for others. Deadline for UW Summer scholarships is April 11. To apply visit the UW Summer Scholarships page.
Courses include:
TD 200 Acting Skills for Life         Online
Skills learned by actors in the theatre world can be applied to presentations and interactions in business, education, and beyond. Utilizing acting techniques traditionally used in theatre to enhance confidence and communication in interviews, presentations, elevator pitches, authentically connecting on a personal level with others, and how to avoid or better deal with stage fright. Filling fast!
TD 357 Theatre for Cultural and Social Awareness
Analysis of sensitive subject matter in U.S. workplace and school/community settings through theatre and drama. Examines race relations, cultural diversity, gender, sexual orientation and other topics in plays, films, and current events. Develops theatrical models to encourage healthy dialogue. Satisfies Ethnic Studies requirement.
TD 366 Stage Lighting I
Application of lighting design to the stage and natural environment. Color principles, lighting instruments, and control equipment. Production participation and labs. A great entry into all aspects of lighting design for performance and other fields.
TD 140 Voice I: Effective Communication             Online
Introduces and explores the fundamentals and discipline of voice and speech. Provides a foundation from which the student will begin to access and engage healthful, practical, and creative vocal and speech function. Introduction to methods of expression for acting and public speaking.
TD Acting I: Introduction to Acting
Provides a basic introduction to the craft of acting. Develops disciplines and tools of the actor as they relate to voice, movement, language skills, and engaging communication. Explores how actor training skills can be a benefit in a wide context of professional and personal endeavors.
TD 160 Technical Theatre Fundamentals
Learn how to mount a theatrical production. Through scenery, costumes, lighting, sound, and stage management explore the relationship between the technical components of the production process. Includes lectures as well as practical experience in the University Theatre summer production of RASHOMON.
TD 162 Backstage Experience
Participation in the University Theatre summer production of RASHOMON in various capacities including light or sound console operator, wardrobe, properties, carpentry, or other areas. Mandatory participation in all evening and weekend technical rehearsal and performance activities.
TD 219 Hamilton: A Cultural Revolution Online
An interdisciplinary exploration of the smash musical phenomenon HAMILTON that builds on past musical and theatrical traditions while reflecting current issues and shaping the future of the entertainment industry.
TD 220 Scenic Studio Practicum
Hone skills learned in Technical Theater Fundamentals while working side-by-side with designers and technicians building the University Theatre summer production of RASHOMON.
TD 222 Lighting & Sound Studio Practicum
Hone skills learned in Technical Theater Fundamentals while working side-by-side with designers and technicians building the University Theatre summer production of RASHOMON.
TD 360 Performance in Practice
Students gain practical theatrical experience, skills, and knowledge by working on the University Theatre summer production of RASHOMON. The assignments will involve responsibilities as Actor, Assistant Director, Stage Manager, Assistant Stage Manager, or other approved performance related positions. Note: Cast and stage management for RASHOMON required to enroll.
TD 361 Backstage Laboratory II
Emphasis on student’s involvement with a specific design and/or technical responsibility within University Theatre’s summer production of RASHOMON.
TD 501 The Business of Acting   Online
Teaches actors the vital, non-performance skills and knowledge needed to launch professional acting careers. Knowledge of self-promoting, marketing, unions, networking, headshot/resumes, agents, casting directors, trade publications, and more will empower the actor and ease their transition into the professional world.