Theatre 360: Voices in Storytelling presents Pieces of Love 12/17-12/20

The Theatre 360: Performance in Practice course “Voice Through Storytelling” presents “Pieces of Love,” a video series of monologues in the style of verbatim theatre. Using techniques employed by theatre artists such as Anna Deavere Smith, David Hare, and Alecky Blythe, students conducted interviews with people with a range of backgrounds, ages, and experiences on the topics of love, hope, and survival. The class considered how exploring someone else’s voice and story influences our understanding and empathy of another person. Available for watching on the Department of Theatre and Drama’s YouTube channel starting Thursday Dec 17 at 7:30 Pm and running through Sunday December 20.

Colleen Conroy – Instructor

Voice Through Storytelling Students

Josie Brandmeier
Delaney Greene-Gretzinger
Krista Laszewski
Jake Paquette

Pieces performed:

Falling off a Cliff – Jake Paquette

Fictional Characters* – Krista Laszewski

Cheesy Omelets – Jake Paquette

Boys Ain’t Shit* – Delany Greene-Gretzinger

The Bar is Low – Josie Brandmeier

I’ll Never Forget It – Jake Paquette

That’s Pure Joy* – Krista Laszewski

I’m Going to College* – Delaney Greene-Gretzinger

Fish Eyes – Krista Laszewski

I’m a Mother – Josie Brandmeier

Thank You for Reminding Me – Krista Laszewski

My Dog Charlie* – Delaney Greene-Gretzinger

One Piece of Love – Josie Brandmeier

*Headphone verbatim – the actor listens to the interview audio during their performance