The MFA in Theatre and Drama is a three-year terminal degree program that marries the scholarly study of theatre with the practical making of theatre.  The Acting, Costume Design, Lighting Design, Scenic Design, and Theatre Technology specializations serve as part of a comprehensive specialization in theatre, help fulfill the Liberal Arts and artistic missions of the Department, and contribute to interdisciplinary study on the campus. The faculty in Theatre and Drama are leaders in their field. Together they have many credits in all facets of the profession. Their contributions to undergraduate and graduate teaching have been, and will continue to be, through a curriculum that emphasizes (1) professional standards and discipline (2) development of both an articulate artist and collaborator through interrelating studies of theory and practice. We seek to prepare multifaceted actors and designers who are prepared for the needs of the 21st century. While continuing to provide a strong foundation of the art and craft of the theatre, the curriculum will:

  1. Develop the diverse skills and approaches necessary for young artists entering the profession and to help form a broad basic body of knowledge and technological skills upon which they will continue to draw as their career advances
  2. Prepare students with the analytical skills and techniques to enable him/her to be an effective collaborator and to analyze, research, and design a range of events within a variety of styles, periods and professional situations
  3. Develop an understanding of their role in terms of storytelling, language, visual composition and collaboration
  4. Develop an ability to understand and work with the diverse elements of the companion arts – providing tools to collaborate and interface fluidly with each area.
  5. Develop entrepreneurial skills to develop, devise, and produce work from a variety of genres, which include classical, contemporary and/or social justice
  6. Facilitate the transition from the academic to the professional world; provide the student with both knowledge of the profession and techniques to enhance the possibilities for success in the profession, and facilitate the initial professional contacts to help make employment possible.

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Please find attached the MFA Handbook:  2016 – 2017 MFA Program Handbook

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