Whether you are already a theatre major, a high school student, incoming freshman, transfer student, undecided, or a student who is pursuing another major yet would like to be involved in our department…WELCOME to UW-Madison’s Department of Theatre & Drama.

When you enroll in a Theatre & Drama course, participate in a University Theatre production, or declare your Theatre & Drama major, you become a member of our collaborative community of artists and scholars.

Navigating the vast campus resources, opportunities, and degree requirements can sometimes be overwhelming to incoming and returning students alike. Your undergraduate Theatre & Drama advisor is here to answer your questions, help you stay on course and make the best of your UW experience.

Our undergraduate advising staff will:

  • assist you in developing an academic plan for graduation
  • clarify degree and major requirements
  • help you interpret your DARS (Degree Audit Reporting System)
  • provide information on educational resources such as internship opportunities, honors, distinction in the major, study abroad opportunities, financial aid, learning communities, etc.
  • evaluate your progress toward established collegiate and career goals
  • assist you in finding campus resources such as Career Services, the Writing Center, University Health Services, The Multicultural Student Center, etc.

If you have any questions regarding our undergraduate program, please contact our advisor, Jim Stauffer.


Declared Theatre & Drama Majors

Theatre & Drama majors are encouraged to meet with their advisor in person at least once a semester to review progress toward your degree, to avoid unnecessary coursework, and to prevent delays in graduation.

For Online Forms such as Credit Overload Request, Degree Program/Classification Change, Concurrent Enrollment Request, and Transfer Request for Juniors & Seniors, please visit:

Our advising staff encourages students to reflect on their academic experiences, personal goals, life lessons, and passions in order to design a path to their future. We can help Theatre & Drama majors:

  • define career goals
  • find information and gain insight into the entertainment industry
  • learn what a professional in the business actually does in a typical day
  • find out what your next best steps might be regarding a job-search

Undecided UW-Madison Students

If you are pondering the possibility of becoming a Theatre & Drama major or even wonder if double majoring might be an option, please contact our undergraduate advisor, Jim Stauffer.


Non-majors who wish to extend their familiarity with theatre in theory and/or practice are encouraged to enroll in department courses. We’ve hosted students from Law, Business, Medicine, Art, Dance, Journalism, Social Work and many other disciplines who wish to develop effective communication skills, enhance problem solving abilities, and cultivate visual acumen. Many of our courses can satisfy the Humanities breadth and/or Ethnic Studies requirements for graduation. Theatre 120 – Introduction to Theatre and Dramatic Literature, taken for 4 credits, will satisfy the L&S Com B requirement.

High School Students

Prospective undergraduate freshmen who wish to declare Theatre & Drama as their major must first be admitted to the University of Wisconsin. For information regarding freshman admission requirements, application materials, and deadlines, please visit the Office of Admissions website:

Our department does not require an audition or portfolio for entry into the major at this time.

If you would like a to speak to a representative about our department’s offerings and degree requirements, or even to tour our facilities, please contact our undergraduate advisor, Jim Stauffer.

Transfer Students

If you are transferring from another college or university, please visit the following website for application and deadlines, requirements, financial aid, etc:

Our department does not require an audition or portfolio for entry into the major at this time.